Verizon iPhone and New iPad Hints found in iOS 4 SDK

apple field test devices

apple field test devices

Boy Genius Report have had an interesting tip from a source. An enterprising developer, or hacker, has found references to two new iOS devices from Apple. In a code snippet found in iOS is a hack to allow these devices to be activated without going through iTunes. Something that may be of use for field testing of preproduction devices.

Based on the timing of previous sightings of similar functionality in Apple’s mobile OS, two new devices are going to be released by Apple in the near future. From the recognisable Apple designations of the devices it is clear that one is an iPhone and the other is an iPad.

So iPad 2? Or iPad speed / RAM bump?

And does this confirm a CDMA / Verizon iPhone is in field testing right now?

What do you think these iOS devices are? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Stephen NorthcottVerizon iPhone and New iPad Hints found in iOS 4 SDK