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As we have previously seen with our stylus reviews for Artists, Professionals and Children, Styli come in all shapes and sizes. Now while many stylus are built for specific uses there are plenty of them that can be used for general use and it’s those that we look at here.

LOGiiX – Stylus Titanium – $19.95

LOGiiX Stylus Titanium

The Stylius Titanium from LOGiiX comes in 7 different colors each providing a distinctive style and something else a little unusual about this stylus is the fact that the soft stylus tip is silver in color rather than the usual black.

The silver colored tip is a good tool for all stylus uses and the lightweight barrel is comfortable in the hand. A pen clip also provides the ability to keep it secured to a shirt pocket or notebook sleeve.

At just $19.95 the Stylus Titanium offers good value for money and the ranged of colors should provide options for all.

LYNKtec – TruGlide – $21.95

TruGlide Stylus

The TruGlide stylus from LYNKtec is another unique stylus, this time its the microfibre mesh tip that makes it stand out from the crowd and offers a soft, fluid transition across the surface of your touchscreen device.

The microfibre tip also claims to be more robust than other rubber tips and maybe why there is no requirement to provide replacement tips.

The stylus has a classic black with gold colored features style to it and also comes with a pen clip and detail on the tip of the shaft that provides additional grip.

LOGiiX – Stylus Bling – $24.95

LOGiiX Stylus Bling

If you want to make a statement then the Stylus Bling from LOGiiX could be just the stylus for you.

Not only does the stylus come in the color options of either silver or pink, but both of them are designed with a level of bling not seen on any other stylus which certainly helps you make a statement.

The Stylus Bling is not just style over substance though as it provides a quality stylus that should meet all your needs with a soft, black tip that works well.

Macally – Stylus Pen – $29.99

Macally Stylus Pen

The Stylus Pen from Macally is, despite its name, not a pen! But for $29.99 you do get 2 styli for the price of one.

The first is a full sized stylus with a pen clip to secure it wherever you require. It’s fairly lightweight but still feels good in the hand and flows well on your tablet device.

The second is a compact stylus that could be attached to the top of the larger stylus or anything else that the cord could attach too. If you do attach it to something the compact stylus can be easily detached with an inline screwed attachment.

The compact stylus has a solid build and despite its size feels comfortable in the hand.

Elago – Stylus Slim – $19.99

eLago Stylus Slim

The Stylus Slim from Elago is identical to the previously reviewed Elago Stylus Ball but minus a pen.

It takes the same form factor as it’s ink laden sibling and also comes in a variety of colors. It also contains a replacement nib should you find yourself being rough and demanding on the initially fitted one.

The slim design feels good in the hand and is available at a great entry level price.

Kuel – Stylus Pen H12 – $19.99

Kuel H12

The Stylus Pen H12 from Kuel is another stylus that despite its name does not include a pen. Instead the pen in the name of this device reviews to its style which looks more than any other of the styli that we’ve reviewed, like a pen.

The sectional design of the stylus barrel, the pen clip and the silver touches in contrast to either the black or white color options make it easily mistakable for a pen, even the barrel twists to make the stylus nib available and retractable.

The stylus nib is very soft compared to some of the other styli and while this is no bad thing it’s certainly something that could be of a personal choice on how much give there is when using the styli.

At just $19.99 it’s another good stylus at a great price.

Griffin – Touchscreen Stylus – $19.95

Griffin Touchscreen

While the Griffin Touchscreen stylus doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some of the other styli that we’ve reviewed over the past couple of weeks but what it does provide is a compact stylus that comes in 9 different colors.

The lightweight stylus is comfortable to use and attached clip allows you to secure it as required. Another stylus in the $20 market provides a good alternative to the other prices especially if you want a choice of color options.

Targus – Stylus – $14.99

Targus Stylus

The cheapest stylus in this range of styli does not look cheap by any means. In fact for the money you’re getting yourself a great stylus which depending on your color choice could coordinate with your Smart Cover should you have one.

Again just like the other styli in this review it’s a single use stylus but provide a long shaft than many of the others which some people may prefer.

It also has a cord attachment on the stylus so that you can use either that or the pen clip to keep it safe when not in use.


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