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Hitting a sixer has never been so easy in a T20 Match!

Features of Game:
• Full 3D graphics using cutting edge 3D Indiagames proprietary technology – “ICE 3D”
• Real life player animations for that true cricket experience.
• Play in South Africa’s Durban Stadium – one of current venues of the IPL.
• T20 mode of play
• Use your finger and slash away your favorite cricket shots….Fully supports gesture controls!
• Play over 25 different shots including Square Cut, Cover Drives and your favorite Hook Shot.
• Fun filled, challenging and addictive gameplay
• Spin balls add variety and challenge.
• 2 Modes of play which includes the popular Super Sixes mode. A true tribute to T20!
• 2 Levels of difficulty, Beginner & Expert modes.
• TV Broadcasting style cameras.
• Engaging AI
• Immersive Sound


Cricket can be played in three game formats Test Match, One Day (50 overs) and T20 (20 overs). T20 is the most exciting and nail biting form of Cricket. After a coin toss, one team decides to bat and the other bowls. The team which decides to bat first attempts to put highest score possible on the scoreboard while the bowling team tries to limit their score. After the batting team is bowled out or finish their 20 overs the bowling team gets to chase the runs scored. The team with maximum runs wins.


The game Cricket T20 Super Sixers is set in the South Africa’s beautiful Durban stadium. It features two game modes Super Sixers and Chase Mode, you can also choose the difficulty level (Beginner or Expert).

In the Super Sixers mode only the sixes are counted. When the bowler bowls you can slide your finger on the screen in the direction you wish to hit and if you do it right hitting consecutive sixes will be real easy. The objective is here is to get the maximum runs is 5 overs (6 balls in each over).

In the Chase mode all runs are counted and the objective here is also to make maximum runs in 5 overs.

It is fun hitting sixes and scoring runs with this game however it is limited to only batting. The fielders never seem to catch the ball and there is no running between the wickets which makes a game of cricket feel incomplete. The 3D graphics are appealing but still needs more polish.


Price $0.99

The Good

  • Hitting a six while flicking your finger is fun
  • Intuitive gameplay
  • Swiping in different directions leads to different shots

The Not So Good

  • No competitive element in a Cricket game? No global scoreboard
  • Fielders should catch, batsmen should run
  • Should be able to bat and bowl

The Real T20 Super Sixers

Cricket T20 Super Sixers Screenshots



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