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Tilt to Live HD iPad Game

Tilt to Live for iPhone has been one of our favorite games on the App Store. It is an accelerometer-based iPhone shooter with more than 500,000 users. When we reviewed the game in February it scored 5/5 and it certainly turned out to be one of the most addictive games developed for the iPhone.

After the success of Tilt to Live for iPhone One Man Left Studios didn’t seem to just stop there, they are now about to release the iPad version of the hugely popular game.

Today the developers published the launch trailer of Tilt to Live HD which reveals a few interesting details about the upcoming game for Apple’s iPad.

Tilt to Live gets a makeover in this free-to-try adaptation of our iPhone debut. Taking advantage of the iPad’s screen real estate, all of our game modes now feature four times the fleeing space! With improved graphics, new weapon effects, and the all new Gauntlet Evolved gametype, it’s the ultimate Tilt to Live adaptation.

The iPad version introduces a brand new Gauntlet mode. The objective in the new mode will be to survive weaponless with all the dots, and axes. Your time won’t be counted and it will be more about how you use it.

What’s different?

  • Everything.
  • Dots, axes, and knives will be coming from all four edges of the screen, not just the right.
  • No predictable formations, only chaos!
  • No lives, you wimp.
  • No depleting life bar at the bottom. Orbs give you points, instead.
  • Orbs are more valuable if you collect them quickly.
  • You won’t be graded on how long you last, but how many points you can gather.

Tilt to Live HD Launch Trailer

Tilt to Live HD is expected to be available on September 30th. For more details you can visit the developers official blog.


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