Terra for iPad Brings Tabbed Browsing To Apple’s Tablet

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Apple’s Safari browser for iPad hasn’t seen any major changes in UI since iOS 3.x. The browser is very fast, intuitive but lacks in some key features. One of the major drawbacks of Safari is that it does not support tabbed browsing. The App Store offers some great alternatives to safari and now Terra for iPad 2 is here to offer superior browsing experience on Apple’s tablet.

Terra for iPad has been developed by Readdle, developers of popular document management app for iOS called ReaddleDocs. The app is rich in features and most importantly supports tabs!

Users who use iPad for browsing the web extensively will know that Apple’s current way of opening a new page is not very efficient when compared with a browser which supports tabs. So, that feature alone makes Terra a must have app and it is available for free on the App Store.

The app allows you to save webpages for offline viewing, enables you to download files and then open in supported native apps. Other noteworthy features include gestures to navigate to the next tab, forward and backward. You can also enable private browsing and password protect the app which are certainly very good privacy options. While testing the app we did find that when you click home button and then switch back to the app via multitasking tray the app shows the active tab for a split second before it shows the page asking for the passkey . This bug obviously affects reliability of the passkey option.

If you are looking for a new browser or just want to experience the web more efficiently then we highly recommend Terra for iPad.





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