Inkub HD New Kind of Tower Defense Game for Mac

Inkub HD Mac App Store-1

Inkub HD Rating: Inkub HD for Mac is a kind of tower defense game, which is set in the incubator rooms of an alternate world. It features a different look from most games of its genre, and bright colourful graphics with a nice intro. I took it for a whirl to see how it plays on OS X. The main … Read More

Mac App Store to Spell End for Boxed Software in Apple Retail Stores?

Having recently launched an already successful App Store for the Mac back in January, it seems that Apple’s future plans may be to eliminate boxed software from its retail stores completely, encouraging users to take advantage of the Mac App Store’s digital software distribution model. The Cupertino company already has plans to point Mac users towards the Mac App Store … Read More

Mac App Store Now Supports Promo Codes

In an update to iTunes Connect, Apple has told developers that they can now offer promo codes for apps available on the Mac App Store. You can now generate promo codes for your Mac apps in iTunes Connect. These promo codes can be redeemed in any Mac App Store worldwide. For each version of your app, you can request up … Read More

Doppelgänger Apps Appearing in Apple’s Mac App Store


Copy Apps have been an issue for a while in the iOS App Store. But these usually come about in the form of low quality copies of existing successful apps, where artwork has been ripped off, gameplay aspects have been copied, and the app has been given a similar name. The companies, or people doing this have ranged from cheap … Read More

Pixelmator Developer Earns $1 Million in 20 Days [Mac App Store]

Pixelmator for Mac is a photo editing application that’s been described as a fantastic alternative to Adobe’s pricey Photoshop application. Selling for just $30, Pixelmator was among the first application to launch with Apple’s Mac App Store when it opened for business earlier this month, and in just 20 days, the application has generated a whopping $1 million in sales. … Read More

Chopper 2 for Mac : Familiar aerial fun now on your Desktop! [Mac App Store]

Chopper 2

Chopper 2 Rating: Chopper was, and by all accounts still is, a big hit on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad; selling in numbers in excess of 350,000 copies. It was also well received critically, and more importantly by players. Chopper 2 is more of the same, but with a little more meat to the environment graphics and some pretty cool … Read More

Apple’s Mac App Store : First Impressions

Apple Mac App Store Review

So yesterday the App Store phenomena came to the Macintosh, and I’ve been playing with it for a few hours now. Coincidentally, that’s just the right amount of time to let you know my first impressions – so here they are! After reading on Twitter how OS X 10.6.6 had been released and that it held the key to unlocking … Read More

iOS Games Reborn for Mac in Apple’s Mac App Store

Apple Mac App Store Games

I’m a huge fan of gaming on my iOS device, and I love some of the great games that the App Store has to offer for my iPhone and iPad. With the launch of Apple’s new Mac App Store today, we can expect some of the most successful iOS games and applications to make the move to Mac, where their … Read More

Mac App Store Launches as part of OS X 10.6.6 Update

Mac App Store Games

In a stroke of marketing genius Apple has unleashed the Mac App Store on the world on the same day as key announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. A show they don’t attend, but most of the worlds tech companies do, as well as most of the world’s tech press. And yet on Twitter, at least, … Read More

Apple’s (AAPL) Mac App Store Will Open for Business on January 6th

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has confirmed officially that the Mac App Store (which Steve Jobs described as doing for “PC” apps what they did for mobile apps) will open in 90 countries in the first week of January 2011. Just like the iOS App Store it will feature both free and paid apps. Developers have been told that they have until December the 31st … Read More

Mac App Store Won’t Support Game Centre or In-App Purchases on Launch

Apple has recently informed developers working on apps for the new Mac App Store that Game Centre and in-app purchases will not be supported when the store opens for Snow Leopard. The omission of these features rule out any kind of “freemium” application that we’re used to seeing for our iOS devices, and the opportunity to challenge friends at games … Read More

Mac App Store To Launch on December 13th?

Several reports over the weekend have suggested that Apple’s new App Store planned for the Mac will open on December 13th, just in time for the Christmas shopping rush. According to AppleTell Apple informed developers that they should have their applications ready for launch by December 6th, well before the estimated January release date. AppleTell’s unnamed source claims that Apple … Read More

Apple Holding ‘Secret’ Conference for Select iOS Developers?

Apple, creators of all things ‘i’ are hosting a super top-secret get-together for select iOS developers at its Cupertino headquarters next week, Business Insider reports. It’s not the first time Apple has invited developers onto its campus – last year a series of ‘iPhone Tech Talks’ around the globe and this looks to be a similar gathering, though obviously a … Read More

Apple announces Mac App Store. New opportunity for iPhone developers?

Mac App Store

Apple has been successful in revolutionizing the way users discover and install applications on their iOS devices. They are  now ready to bring what they learnt from the App Store for iPhone and iPad to the Mac. Steve Jobs, during ‘Back to the Mac’ keynote event announced that Apple will be launching the ‘Mac App Store’ which will be compatible … Read More

Top Apple News Stories: Apple v HTC, Macintosh Developer License, iPad Launch and More

It’s been a busy week for Apple… Apple shares hit another high today at the end of a week where the computer company (which is now predominantly by it’s own COO’s admission a mobile device company) launched it’s first thinly veiled attack on it’s old bedfellow Google, dropped the entry price for developers to it’s desktop developer license, officially announced … Read More