Pixelmator Developer Earns $1 Million in 20 Days [Mac App Store]

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Pixelmator for Mac is a photo editing application that’s been described as a fantastic alternative to Adobe’s pricey Photoshop application. Selling for just $30, Pixelmator was among the first application to launch with Apple’s Mac App Store when it opened for business earlier this month, and in just 20 days, the application has generated a whopping $1 million in sales.

Pixelmator is currently number 4 in the Mac App Store’s top grossing chart, trailing only to Apple’s own Aperture, iPhoto, and Pages applications. The application’s developers announced Pixelmator’s impressive turnover in a post on their blog earlier today, in which they thanked the Mac App Store, and their customers, for the applications huge success.

…thanks to the Mac App Store, more people than ever are choosing to download Pixelmator.

Such an amazing success feels fantastic. Thank you so much for your enthusiastic support.

The $1 million is sales suggests 33,000 copies of the Pixelmator application have been sold and downloaded since its release, and its place in the top 20 of the paid apps chart suggests the application is still doing very well. As far as ratings go, Pixelmator has been voted 4.5 stars with over 275 ratings in the U.S. store, while users in the U.K. have voted the application 5 stars with over 128 ratings.

{via San Francisco Chronicle}


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