‘Stuntjump Tumbler’ Review – New Physics-Based Game for iPhone

Stuntjump Tumbler-1

Stuntjump Tumbler-1

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Stuntjump Tumbler‘ is a physics-based game that challenges you to maneuver through obstacle fields to collect coins and reach the flag to advance to the next level.


The game is a bit like Mario adapted for the accelerometer and touch screen. You are a round, rolling face that can be made to go faster or slower based on the tilt of the device. You touch the screen to gather yourself in, which makes you smaller – important in navigating some obstacles – then let go to jump over or on to objects in your path. Coins appear along your path to encourage you to navigate the obstacles in a specific way.

The graphics appear as hand-drawn sketches on old-school graph paper, different than the usual computer-generated look. At times it’s a little plain to look at, but it doesn’t interfere with the game play.

Stuntjump Tumbler-2

The responsiveness of the bouncy, rolling head seems a little sluggish, but it does add to the challenge of the game. Because you can’t roll backwards, there are places you can get stuck and have to restart the level you are on.

There is a free version of the game, which includes only 18 levels, or a paid version for $0.99, which has 60 levels to challenge you.

Stuntjump Tumbler-3

Overall, the game seemed a bit slow and frustrating. It would be easy to get to a rough spot and put the game down rather than try again. I’d give the free version a try and if you’re still playing at level 18, spring for the paid version to continue on. A small change in the game mechanics could make a big difference; so keeping up with updates may pay off.
Stuntjump Tumbler - Klevgränd Produktion

  • Simple in concept, difficult in execution


  • A bit sluggish in responsiveness
  • You can’t go backwards



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