Real Racing 2 HD – 1080p Video Out On The iPad 2

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Real Racing 2 HD iPad 2 Video Out 1080p

Apple’s iPad 2 features full 1080p high definition video mirroring and now we are seeing game developers use this feature to enhance the gaming experience.

When you connect HDMI adapter to your iPad 2 it outputs whatever you see on your iPad 2 onto your HDTV so you can sit back and enjoy photos, videos, apps and more. Firemint  recently published a demo video of an upcoming update to their hugely popular racing game called Real Racing 2 for iOS [Real Racing 2 HD - Firemint Pty Ltd].

In the demo video we can see that Apple’s iPad 2 is connected to HDTV via HDMI adapter and the entire game can be experienced in 1080p without any need to scale the resolution. This makes up for a console quality gaming experience, which is even better, with motion sensing accelerometer and gyroscope on your iPad.

Another interesting fact is that when you connect the iPad to your HDTV and  play Real Racing 2; the display on your tablet changes and now acts as a controller!

We really liked the idea of playing our favorite games in full HD and can’t wait to see more developers enabling this feature in their games.

Are you excited about this update? Would you connect your iPad to a HDTV to play iOS games? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  • Mikegraham123

    I think this is an awesome feature of the iPad 2 that is currently overlooked. The potential for game developers using the hdmi out capability is huge and this is only the start.

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