Notion Ink joins tablet party with Adam

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Notion Ink Adam FCC

One of the tablets the geek world has been looking out for since CES 2010 is Notion Ink’s Adam, a Tegra 2 based 10″ Android tablet. Now it looks like it’s coming.

Notion Ink’s Chairman Rohan Shravan posted on the company’s blog that the produce has passed FCC testing and could be available as early as Wednesday.

The main reason we’re all so excited at the prospect of the Adam is the tablet’s UI, Eden. Sitting atop Android, the Eden UI could be the reason Adam manages to elevate itself above the slew of iPad competitors sure to be released now this year’s CES is over.

Check out Engadget’d hands-on for the video goodness!


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  • Khushwant

    This product is good….really good and NI has prices this thing reasonably well… I hope these guys come up with a lot of good applications as they don’t have access to google markeplace

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