Nokia Goes After Apple Inc. Over Patents. Again.

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It seems now that Nokia has joined hands with Microsoft and its Windows Phone 7 operating system they’re not scared of anyone. Now they’re going after Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) again over patents relating to various mobile devices.

In a new complaint filed with the US International Trace Commission, Nokia claims Apple violated patents “in virtually all of its mobile phones, portable music players, tablets, and computers.” Not much then!

The two companies have been at loggerheads for a while now, ever since the Finnish phone giant first filed its patent infringement lawsuit in 2009. Since then the pair have exchanged patent claims on a regular basis, with Apple also throwing their weight around in court.

Just days ago Nokia lost the first battle however, with a judge ruling Apple did not violate any of the patents Nokia originally claimed in its first filing back on 09. Unsurprisingly, Nokia “does not agree with the ITC’s initial determination.” according to an announcement today.

Now it seems Nokia is gearing up for another two years of back and forth legal fun with one of the richest companies on the planet.

Good luck with that.

{Via CNET}


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