Steve Jobs at the Oscars. New iPad advert. No camera

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Steve Jobs Oscars iPad Commercial

Steve Jobs was in attendance at the Oscars tonight in the US, where a new iPad TV ad aired. It seems the Oscars are the new Super Bowl as far as Apple are concerned!

The same advert is now up on Apple’s front page. The video is kind of a fast forward through the main features of the iPad’s User Interface and Apps. Nothing particularly new there apart from a quick shot of someone inserting an image into a text document which looks quite nifty.

One thing which this pop video style advert confirms once and for all is that there is no camera on the iPad yet. If there was to be one at launch it would have surely been showcased in this latest advert.

What do you think about the TV ad? Let us know…

The song is ‘There Goes My Love’ by The Blue Van.

By: Stephen Northcott

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