iPad mini Online Shipping Estimates Drop to 3-5 Days in US, Canada, Australia, China and Hong Kong

iPad mini Online Shipping Estimates

Apple’s iPad mini has been around for several months now and has just passed its first holiday season of sales. Now, nearly a month after the holiday season ended, the online shipping estimates for the device have dropped to 3-5 days in a number of countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, China and Hong Kong.

As first noted by iPhoneinCanada.ca, the shipping estimates are slowly dropping, likely because the initial demand for the device has passed and the supply has now caught up. Apple has had issues with supply constraints this past holiday quarter, and is expected to fully meet the demand by this March.

The European stores reportedly have a 2 week lead time, which is the only one that has such a large time. The estimates appear to have dropped in all other parts of the world. With the web abuzz about rumors of an iPad mini and full-sized iPad refresh in October, it is likely that demand will ease slightly in anticipation for the new product and demand will catch up.

{Via MacRumors}