Upcoming Game: ‘GodFinger’ for iPhone. Gameplay Walkthrough and Tips

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GodFinger iPhone Gameplay Tips

GodFinger is another social interactive game from Ngmoco and soon to be released worldwide. Already it is a hugely popular game but at present it is only available in Canada. Similar to how We Rule recently launched after beta testing in Canada it will now be be GodFingers turn. So to help you along your way when you finally get your hands on the game, if you haven’t already, here is a detailed walkthrough of the actual game.

When you first launch the game you are greeted with an easy to follow tutorial and you can’t really go wrong. It will set you a number of tasks to follow and these will help you understand the gameplay. You are God on your own little planet. You can move the planet round and round from left to right and zoom in and out to get a clearer view with your finger. On your planet you have followers and initially you are only given a few. To get these followers to worship you and start doing work for you, you need to amaze them first with your wonder, another words your power. To do this you use what is called ‘mana’ and mana is what you will need to do any powerful wonders in your world. Now when you get a new follower above their head will be a picture of what they want. For example it might be a sun. So then you have to find the sun and put it above their head, press and hold it a short while then drag down and it will shine over your follower. They will be very very impressed and then they are happy to worship and work for you. You do this with each new follower you get. You get new followers when you reach certain levels in the game.

I mentioned about needing mana to do your powered wonders well these wonders are as I said before to make the sun shine but also to produce rain and lightening from clouds. You need to power these weather elements up to power your farms you want your followers to work on.

You will start with buying a small farm and at first you will have to build it over a short period of real time you do this by placing a follower at the farm and he will automatically start building away. When this is done you will need a white cloud to power it up, again by pressing your finger down for a short time on it and then releasing and dragging down whilst you do. This rain powers up your farm for a short while. If you actually press the farm it shows the power level for it so you can tell when it needs powering up again. Your follower will then automatically start working and producing you gold coins. The farm will tell you how many workers can work at the same time so just place how ever many you need.

Your followers are the same as your farms though they too will run out of energy. To recharge them back up you need to either sit them at a camp fire, fountain, tent or tavern. All of these will eventually over time replace their energy levels back up. You will only start with a camp fire and fountain though the other items will have to be purchased with your gold coins you earn.

Now everything you do on your planet takes real time. If it says your farm takes 2 hours to build it will take 2 hours in real time. Some take 4 days to build and you just have to wait or use Awe.

Going into slightly more detail now with regards to the mana and awe, you only have so much of each to start with. At the beginning you start with 10 mana and every time you use a wonder to power up it uses one mana. If you run out you have three options. You can sit and wait it out and it will tell you at the bottom of the screen how long it will be until you have another produced. You can send a few followers to your shrine and they then dance round it and worship you and that produces mana. The final option is to use Awe to buy some more. At first you are given 10 Awe but once this is gone you will have to buy it will real money as an in-app purchase. Awe is used to speed things up, regenerate followers back to life and to buy mana. To be honest though mana is replaced quite quickly and I really wouldn’t bother buying any with your awe, I would save that for when you really need it.

The final currency you need to know about is the gold coins you earn. These are given when you earn them whilst working and you use these to buy farms, taverns, and tents. Whilst you earn gold coins you also earn xp (experience points) and these help you get to your next level. Each level produces diferent things,more space on your planet, a follower or even an evil skeleton. If you do get a skeleton by the way, zap him quick with the lightening cloud before he kills a follower! Another way to earn extra gold is to change your follower into a mystic and this means turning your unnamed follower into a named follower from one of your plus+ friends. They will then earn extra gold for you and your plus friend you allocated. Your friends can do the same for you also.

One other thing I should mention is that your followers can die. If they are exhausted and you still get them to work they could pass away. Or if you accidentally or even on purpose zap them with lightening they will die. So then you would need to use your awe to bring them out of their grave.

So thats the main game play, there are a few things to consider when playing and that is what items you should purchase to help your game. There is really no right or wrong answer, you learn as you go along what works best for you. There are different kinds of tents to buy some hold 2 followers some 3, you can use taverns to refesh them and they also produce gold. The farms also come in different shapes and sizes and as you probably guessed the bigger and better they are the more gold coins you will have to pay. The things that have worked for me are,

  • I bought at least 4 or 5 tents of a mixed range. I like the medevil ones as they recharge the followers slightly quicker and they do not need to be powered up.
  • I upgraded my shrine to one that produced mana slightly quicker for when I needed it.
  • I didn’t bother with using the camp fire again after the tutorial. It takes far too long to recharge the follower compared to tents and you have to keep buying them when the wood runs out.
  • I have a couple of taverns because they refresh your followers when powered up but they also earn you coins at the same time so are a worth while investment.
  • On an evening when I sleep or when I am not going to beable to play the game for a while I place them either on a tent if almost out of energy or if they have lots of energy I place them at a farm. The farm is likely to run out of power before they do so they just stand around until you log back in. Therefore none of my followers have died, yet!
  • Save your awe to bring them back to life if they die.
  • I don’t play all the time I just dip in and out through out the day and that is what I recommend. That way you have always got some mana and you wont be tempted to buy in-app purchases just to get more of it.

The game can be played very well with-out purchasing in-app upgrades. I think the only time you may need to is if you kill someone and bring them back to life. Once you have used all your 10 awe if they died you need awe to bring them back so once you run out that really is the only time you would need to spend real money. Saying that though there is no rule that says you must bring any follower back so you could just leave them if you really wanted to. Cruel but true!

So there you have it, now off you go and show your followers whos God! Don’t forget to share your tips and plus+ gamername below.


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