Dental Phobia Review: Don’t Like Dentists? This App Might Help

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Dental Phobia iPhone Review-1Dental Phobia Review: The app aims to help you get past your fears of seeing a dentist. Its strategy is to provide you with a bit of information about what you can expect when you visit.

This app provides information about dental phobia, some coping strategies, and several types of sedation that are used to deal with it. There is a screen of information on each of six topics and a short list of frequently asked questions. And that’s about it, besides a link to send an email to a dentist with you specific question. The last may be the best part of the app.

There are a few photos included of various pieces of equipment, which I’m not sure actually help if you’re dealing with a phobia. The photos are very generic and can’t be made full screen to get a closer look. They do serve the purpose of providing some idea of what to expect, although actual equipment used by your dentist is likely to be different.

Dental Phobia feels more like a promotional app than an informational one. And if that’s the case, it should be free. Even for the small sum of $0.99, there needs to be more to this app to make it worth the effort.
Dental Phobia - Dr Jeff Sherer

  • Concise explanations of the topics covered
  • Pictures help with expectations
  • You can email an actual dentist


  • Not a lot of information
  • Written in a bit of “dental speak”
  • Should be free


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  • Dr Jeff Sherer

    Hi Julie,

    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to review the app. I totally have respect for your opinion and certainly, with future updates, I will include some of your suggestions.

    Can I just say that this app was created to help nervous patients and provide information, it was not intended to be promotional of me personally, only promotional of options for dental care.

    Ideally I would have liked to have marketed the app for free as you suggest, but there was a large amount of fees payable to the company that helped with the computer support. I charged the lowest level possible. In term of your rating, I have to say that I feel one star is a little harsh of a rating, suggesting that the app is without any merit (well I suppose you could have given zero stars!). I can assure you that every single email is given a personal response with time and care. I don’t think the individuals who have gained benefit from this  would agree that it is without merit.

    Best wishes,

    Dr Jeff Sherer 

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