Apple Watch scores number 1 spot in Consumer Reports tests

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Consumer Reports has been testing the Apple Watch for a while now and today it published its results after testing 11 smartwatches. The Apple Watch scored number one position overall after conducting a series of scientific tests.

Apple Watch among all the other smartwatches were tested for scratch resistance, water-resistance, accuracy of step counter, heart rate monitor, readability in different lighting conditions, and ease of usability. Apple’s watch performed well in all tests however, there were a few areas where other smartwatches performed better.

The stainless steel version of the Apple Watch with sapphire crystal display could withstand the hardest pick (number 9) in the abrasion tester.Whereas the Apple Watch sport model scratched when pick number 8 was used.

To test the step counter accuracy the results from smartwatches were compared with a manual step counter and Consumer Reports found that LG G Watch R was the most accurate.

When tested for readability in different lighting conditions Apple Watch performed well in low light conditions but in very bright light it performed poorly however, Pebble watch performed very well in very bright light but didn’t do so well in low light conditions.

Both Apple Watch and Sport models were immersed in a pressurised water tank for over 24 hours and passed the test. It’s worth noting that the at first Apple Watch Sport model that was tested failed the test so Consumer Reports tested two more Sport versions and both passed the test.

Apple Watch heart rate monitor also passed with flying colors when the results were compared with Polar H7 heart rate sensor as it produced very accurate readings.

Consumer Reports rated Apple Watch stainless steel version the highest at number 1 and Sony Ericsson’s SmartWatch 3 the lowest since it failed the water immersion test.

Checkout the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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