Apple TV Sales To Hit 1 Million This Week

Apple has announced today that it expects their “hobby” TV product, the Apple TV (version 2), to have shifted 1 Million units inside this week. If any hobby project of mine sold that many units I’d be pretty happy, and perhaps even consider going pro!

Apple’s new iteration of their internet TV system sold more than a quarter of a million units by October, after a September release this year. And has put itself on target to shift 1 million units a quarter moving forward into 2011.

At $99, about the same price that many of us pay for a simple WiFi Router, the Apple TV with a host of other features to boot, and a gorgeous iOS style interface, is priced at a very competitive price point.

It almost seems silly not to buy one just to try it out. AirPlay and 99cent rentals seem to be the right way to go for internet TV. And Apple’s Apple TV is looking a lot healthier than Googles own multi-vendor Google TV project right now.

The Apple TV even managed to make Time magazine’s list of the “Top Ten Gadgets of 2010”; placed at 7, and surrounded by iOS based siblings the iPhone 4, the MacBook Air and with the iPad taking the top spot. Not a bad year for Apple at all.

Have you tried the Apple TV? Or are you hoping for one for Christmas? Is it worth $99? Have your way in the comments?

{via AppleInsider}


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