Apple Transferring Thunderbolt Trademark to Intel

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Apple Thunderbolt Intel Trademark Transfer

Intel created the Thunderbolt I/O technology that currently runs in Apple’s iMac and Macbook Pro lines. While Intel is credited for developing the technology, Apple filed did the trademark work for the  I/O name which created some confusion about who actually owned the trademark. According to a recent report published by Bright Side of the News, Intel now has full rights of the Thunderbolt trademark:

As part of our collaboration with Apple, they did some of the initial trademark filings.  Intel has full rights to the Thunderbolt trademark now and into the future. The Thunderbolt name will be used going forward on all platforms, irrespective of operating system.

Intel created the I/O technology capable of high-speed connectivity of up-to 100Gbps using optical cable and originally called it Light Peak. Apple later suggested Intel to replace the optical connection with copper and allow capability of 10 Watts of power, which eventually led to a name change to Thunderbolt I/O.

The high-speed data transfer technology was introduced earlier this year with Apple’s MacBook Pro notebooks and iMac all-in-one computers, and is will likely be made available in the Macbook Air as well as the Mac Mini.


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