Apple’s music plans leaked ahead of WWDC 2015 Live Event

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Apple’s annual worldwide developers conference is about to go live in less than 60 minutes from now and details about the company’s plan for the music category are already out. Sony Music CEO Dough Morris, during an interview at the Midem Music Industry Festival in Cannes,  “confirmed” Apple Music launch at todays WWDC 2015 live keynote event.

Although, no other detail was disclosed but now we know that Apple will be introducing its new streaming music service called “Apple Music”. Sony Music would obviously have been a part of the negotiation deals and therefore a confirmation from its CEO is the most reliable “official” source confirming the launch.

“It’s happening tomorrow,” Morris said during an interview at Midem in Cannes that primarily focused on his storied career in the music industry.

Apple’s new music streaming service is expected to be priced at $10/month and will allow users to try the service for free for a period of three months.

The launch of this new service is most certainly the first fruits of the acquisition of Beats by Apple. According to the reports, Jimmy Iovine has played a major role in cracking the deals with the top music labels and is helping Apple to maintain it’s lead as the source of digital music.

In recent years the growth of music streaming apps like Pandora, Spotify and recently Tidal has proved that customers music consumption habits are changing from downloading to streaming.

Apple launched iTunes Radio has a response to the growing market of streaming music providers however, with Apple Music the company may be looking at providing iOS users the definitive source for streaming music.

According to Beats Music website the service differentiated itself from other by combing “the power of human curation with technology to deliver the right online music at the right time.” We wouldn’t be surprised if Apple brings human curated music playlists to the new Apple Music service.

It will be interesting to see how today’s conference unfolds. WWDC 2015 live event will begin at 1o am PDT.

{via VentureBeat}


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