Apple Disappoint Some With Game Center Web Page

Apple Game Center

Apple Game Center

The confirmed list of devices that Apple’s Game Center Social Network will support has been posted on their web page dedicated to that particular feature of iOS 4.1.

It is no real surprise that the iPhone 3G, first gen. iPod and the grandaddy of them all the iPhone 2G are not supported. But it is still disappointing.

Being fair to Apple the overhead for multiplayer gaming would be a hefty task for the older iDevices to cope with as well as running a game. And the combined processes would draw a lot of battery power as the devices would be running flat out. But it seems a shame that those with older iPhones and iPods could not get access to the leader-boards and other less real time intensive tasks.

Game Center went live for developers this week, and many of them will be hoping to roll out Game Center enabled updates, and new games in the coming weeks.

Apple’s App Store approval efficiency has dropped to less than 80% of Apps being approved within 7 days. So it seems that Shoemaker is either busy making some new “apps” for his own web site, or the Apple App Store Gnomes are genuinely overworked.

Are you excited about Game Center in iOS 4.1? Or disappointed it will not run on your device? Have your say in the comments…


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  1. On an iPhone 4, and I’m still actually disappointed with Game Center.

    Its only purpose is to generate more revenue for game developers $1.99 apps, and to keep track of “Scores” wooopy!

    Kind of a let down, atleast Apple could have made some free mini-multiplayer party games, you know?

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