Apple to Add Second Manufacturer to Meet iPad 3 / HD Demand?

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iPad 3 HD PLus

Digitimes recently reported that Apple is looking to add a second manufacturer for its tablet computer in order to meet demand for the rumoured iPad 3 / HD, this fall. Media outlets across the web have been abuzz about a rumoured iPad 3 to be released this fall, although many are led to believe that such an early release is very “un-Apple like”.

Digitimes is confirming this claim of another tablet to be released in 2011 by mentioning that Apple is bringing a second manufacturer on board.

The latest market rumors also indicated that the new iPad may be named iPad 2 plus and will be thinner than its predecessors yet with upgraded display.

The new iPads will be launched at the end of the third quarter or early in the fourth quarter, noted the sources. Total shipments of iPad tablet PCs are expected to top 13 million units in the third quarter, estimated the sources.

Digitimes goes on to say that Pegatron may be the latest company to receive rights to iPad manufacturing and may be working closely with Apple in order to release the iPad 3 on time. Pegatron currently manufactures the iPhone 4 and may also receive the iPhone 5 come next year.

In the past, Apple has struggled to keep up with consumer demand and has extended shipping times in several cases. Adding on a second manufacturer may ease pressure on Apple to produced more iPad and iPhone units and may decrease shipping times drastically.

Does this affect you? Will you buy an iPad 3 if Apple releases one this fall?

{via TiPb}


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  • Andreag08

    “Will you buy an iPad 3 if Apple releases one this fall?”
    Whether I buy an iPad or not is not related to the release date. It has to do with the PRICE. I don’t care when they plan to release it, I am not willing to shell out more than 500 bucks for a 16G model (wifi only). There are plenty of new tablet competition out there (albeit Android) that have lots of features, plenty of storage, and better pricing. I’m not buying a device just because it has a fruit on its cover.

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