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SimplyTweet developer @simplytweet has made more than 25 changes in the latest version 1.5

Some major updates are:

  • Add swipe-to-reveal shortcuts for replying to tweets, viewing conversation, multiple selection (for “reply all”)
  • Add Posterous support, support for multiple photos
  • Display multiple photos in a single Posterous post in an album
  • Add posting multiple photos support for TwitPic
  • Display multiple Twitpic photos in a single tweet in an album
  • Landscape mode for drafting tweets
  • Show unread counts for Friends, Mentions and Direct Messages (Inbox) timelines. Autoscroll to first unread tweet.
  • Add option to automatically load Mentions and Direct Messages(Inbox) upon startup
  • Add option to open account view from an account note
  • Add better navigation for account notes
  • Change format of photo tweets (links appear at the end instead offront of a tweet)
  • Add option to clear cache

We reviewed SimplyTweet almost a month back. Since then this app has seen a number of updates and with version 1.4 we could not help but write a fresh post about it!

SimplyTweet has successfully transformed from being a simple twitter client to an app which does almost everything what a twitter app should do.

  • Browse CONVERSATIONS – display the reply chain of a message in 1 screen
  • Saved views (create groups of friends, etc)
  • Multiple accounts support
  • Quick account switch when sending tweets and direct messages
  • Account Notes
  • View your timeline and replies
  • Perform search
  • Saved Search
  • Post tweets
  • Re-tweet Tweets
  • Reply to tweets
  • Direct messages support, including browsing list recipients and autocompletion
  • Drafts of tweets and direct messages are automatically saved
  • Follow and un-follow people
  • Built-in web browser
  • Instapaper support
  • Support for Searching for Hashtags within a message
  • TwitPic support
  • Delete tweets
  • Favorites support
  • Trends support
  • Load older tweets and direct messages
  • Avatar caching
  • Contacts lookup when composing a tweet
  • Safari Bookmarklet support

User Interface

SimplyTweet has a very clean and simple UI which displays tweets is large chat bubbles. It also supports mutiple accounts which you can access through ‘More’ option. When you click on an account it will ask you to confirm using that account. SimplyTweet displays tweets from your friends, mentions. messages (sent & received), Trends and Favorites. The ‘More’ option can be edited to rearrange your preferred view. The app has a refresh option on the top left and compose tweet option on the top right.

Reply, Post & User Profile

Once you choose to compose a tweet you have an option to attach pics and address multiple users in your tweet. While attaching a picture SimplyTweet also gives an option to Move & Scale the picture. It’s easy to switch accounts while composing the tweet by simply taping on your account name in the middle.

When you tap on a tweet you can either Reply, Retweet, Mark Favorite or View the conversation. SimplyTweet does not offer TweetShrink, TwitLonger or updating location services in this version. Clicking on a link brings up an inline web browser which gives you an option to either ‘Read Later’ or ‘Email Link’ but no ‘Repost Link’ option.

Taping on the twitter avatar of a user brings up their profile and there you can view their latest tweets, short bio, followers, friends and choose to follow or unfollow them. It also shows you if the user is following you or not. The more option on the top right in the user profile view gives you further options to Send Message, Send Public Reply, Add to Saved View and Edit Note.

Trends, Save Search, Saved Views & Notes

SimplyTweet also adds Trends and the ability to save search. Saved Views can be used to create different groups to track different sets of people and is a very helpful feature. Creating notes is a handy feature to quickly keep your ideas safe!


SimplyTweet has evolved from being a simple twitter client to a very useful twitter client. Saved View and Notes are the strongest features of this app.

official-app-store-badge_4Price $3.99

The Good

  • Saved View, Forward Messages
  • Move and Scale picture before uploading
  • Contacts lookup, View Conversation, Instapaper support
  • Developer will be adding features with future updates.

The Not So Good

  • Missing Features – TweetShrink, TwitLonger, Location Service, Repost Link to Tweet, Mail link to tweet.
  • Auto refresh and icon badge for unread tweets, mentions and messages also missing.
  • UI needs further enhancement

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    8. Built-in Web Access to view tweet embedded pictures and other URLs.
    9. Editable User Profile, including setting a new Avatar picture.
    10. Support for both “Fixed” and “Editable” Retweets – you choose.
    11. Landscape support for both Views and Keyboard.
    12. Automatic Language detection and display – great when you’re surfing!
    13. The same ease-of-use and lightning fast operation as the original version.

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