15 Apple iPad details you might have missed

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Earlier this week we reported that Apple posted iPad guided tours which details the user interface and features of all the native iPad apps.

The iPad guided tour focuses on how one can take advantage of its unique features and large display. We found a few details in the guided tour which we thought were interesting to note.


iPad Bookmark

Safari on iPad will allow you to access your favourite sites by tapping the address bar to reveal new bookmarks bar.

iPad Video

Another interesting feature to note was that the browser will allow you to play videos without leaving the page.


iPad Mail App

The iPad mail app will display an image of the sender on the right side.


iPad Photos

Apple’s native photos app for the iPad will enable you to to skim the pictures with the bar at the bottom in addition to viewing them by flicking your finger on the screen.

iPad Photos Events Faces Places

If you own an iMac and use iPhoto to sync your your albums then you will be able to view your photos in Events, Faces and Places.

iPad Photos MobileMe

When you tap the options menu in the Photos app you will be able to share photos by sending it to your MobileMe gallery.

iPad Photos Slideshows

Apple has enhanced the Photos apps to a great extent and expects you to use your iPad as a digital photo frame. You will be able to play your own Music from the iTunes library and select transitions from the available options (Cube, Dissolve, Ripple, Wipe, Origami)


iPad YouTube

When you tap on a video to watch it you can see the details below the video. While the video is playing you will be able to add it your favourites, Share, Rate or Flag it.

iPad YouTube Sidebar

When you are done watching the video, you can access the sidebar on the right to see related videos, more videos by the same user or add a comment.


iPad iTunes Genius

Apple has integrated Genius in the new iPad iTunes app, this will allow you to discover new music based on your existing music library and purchases.


iPad iBooks Dictionary

The iPad features a built-in dictionary which will enable you to look up a particular word while reading an ebook using the iBooks app.

iPad Screen Orientation Lock

The screen orientation lock will allow you to read eBooks in your preferred angle without changing the device orientation.


iPad Keynote Magic Move

Keynote for iPad is a powerful app to create stunning presentations and it features some advanced features which can be implemented with simple multitouch gestures. You can style the pictures in the presentations with picture frames, shadows, reflections, control the border, angle of the shadow and even adjust the opacity. You can add advance transitions  to your presentation by selecting Magic Move and let keynote build sophisticated transitions for you.

iPad Keynote Share

You can share your presentations via email, upload to iWork.com or export it as a keynote or pdf file.


iPad Pages Skim

If you’re working on a large document with many pages then you can use the page navigator by sliding your finger on the side to preview the pages and jump to the exact page you were working on.


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