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The primary objective of Radial 50 is to survive 50 rounds of increasingly difficult gameplay and over those rounds achieve the highest score possible. To pass each round, you will use the iPhone or iPod touch screen to control the paddle to project the ball towards the targets. Striking the targets will eventually unlock the center defense, allowing you to strike the inner most target and advance to the next round. If you miss the ball, allowing it to strike the outer playfield wall, you will lose paddle health. Letting the ball strike the wall too many times will eliminate all health. Health will regenerate over time, but once you lose all health the game is over.


Scoring is the goal in Radial 50, and there are plenty of ways to do it. Major scoring areas include striking targets and target multipliers, collecting target particles, completing each round and doing so quickly, and special bonus point events.

Location Based Leaderboards

Each time you record a final score it will be recorded to the Radial 50 leaderboard. Your score will appear in the overall Radial leaderboard along with all other player’s scores, your phone’s individual leaderboard, and a number of additional leaderboards based on your location. Location leaderboards include your city, your state/province, and country geographical regions. Your scores on these leaderboards will be posted along with your unique profile information.


Achievements can be earned and new achievements unlocked by accomplishing tasks in Radial 50. For example, reaching Level 50 is an achievement and earning this achievement unlocks additional achievements. Achievements do not earn you points towards the leaderboard during a game session, but trying to earn them is a good way to increase your skills and set yourself apart from other players.


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