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The app is simple to setup, locations can be setup either using the iPhone location service to set you current location or you can search locations world wide. You can also add multiple locations and switch between them with a simple swipe of the screen.

With a location set the screen loads with multiple pieces of weather related information from the current, minimum and maximum daily temperatures to current humidity, precipitation, pressure and visibility all encased in a beautifully animated weather background based on the current conditions and a digital clock in the center.

Weather Live looks beautiful, it pops off the screen and the information is presented clearly and concisely. That being said there are customizations to me made in many areas to get the display to be just how you like.

While having all of the details loaded provides you with he maximum amount of information taking it down to the text only options provides the best view of the gorgeous animated backdrops.

Also under your control are the temperature and distance units, clock settings and alerts for when the temperature drops below zero. As previously mentioned you can also enable the temperature badge to display the current temperature on your home screen. I’ve had mixed results with this and while it displays it doesn’t always update as I would expect it to without going into the app first.

Weather Live is now my new ‘screensaver’ for both my iPhone and iPad, it’s informative, great looking and simple to use, the only feature I miss is that I would love to be able to see some of the other weather animations that I may never get to see living in mid-west

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Weather Live App iPhone iPad-1 Weather Live App iPhone iPad-2 Weather Live App iPhone iPad-3 Weather Live App iPhone iPad-4 Weather Live App iPhone iPad-5 ]]> 1 First Reviews Don’t Look Good for the BlackBerry PlayBook Thu, 14 Apr 2011 17:07:35 +0000 Read More]]>

The BlackBerry PlayBook is RIM’s answer to Apple’s iPad – a 7.6-inch tablet that boasts a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and two high-resolution cameras. It’s received bucket loads of hype since it was announced, with the tech world dying to get their hands on the device and establish whether it gives the iPad 2 anything to worry about. Well, the initial reviews are now in from some of the biggest names in tech, and it doesn’t look good for RIM’s PlayBook.

In short, most are saying that the PlayBook is a device which feels as though it has been rushed – like RIM were desperate to get it to market, and that as it stands the BlackBerry tablet isn’t worth your hard earned cash.

David Pogue of the New York Times said that the PlayBook’s software is buggy, and that it is missing simple, yet important features, such as the ability to view email attachments, or even open URL links within an email. These are features that have made iOS so useful since the day it launched on the iPhone, and you’d expect one of its rivals to include the same functionality.

Summing up his review, Pogue wrote:

The PlayBook, then, is convenient, fast and coherently designed. But in its current half-baked form, it seems almost silly to try to assess it, let alone buy it.

Remember, the primary competition is an iPad — the same price, but much thinner, much bigger screen and a library of 300,000 apps. In that light, does it make sense to buy a fledgling tablet with no built-in e-mail or calendar, no cellular connection, no videochat, Skype, no Notes app, no GPS app, no videochat, no Pandora radio and no Angry Birds?

Walt Mossberg of the New York Times also got his hands on the device, and – like Pogue – believes the device just isn’t ready for market yet. Though its cameras are better than those in the iPad 2:

The screen is beautiful, even though it has a lower resolution than the iPad’s. And the cameras are better than the iPad’s.

Still, unless you are constantly glued to a BlackBerry phone, or do all your email, contacts and calendar tasks via a browser, I recommend waiting on the PlayBook until more independently usable versions with the promised additions are available.

Wired believes that while the PlayBook’s hardware is solid, it’s the software that lets the device down:

It’s a well-constructed device with great media-viewing capabilities, solid hardware specs and a price on par with the current tablet market. But with serious gaps in key areas like app selection and Flash stability, you may want to think twice before picking one up.

There are plenty of other reviews online, from all of the big tech publications – and all seem to deliver the same message: while the PlayBook looks good, packs some decent hardware, and comes from a reputable manufacturer, its software just doesn’t cut it in today’s market. Until RIM go back to basics and give the PlayBook’s software a complete overhaul, it will never be an iPad killer, let alone compete with the top tablets.

]]> 1 App Review: Tasty Fri, 10 Apr 2009 07:19:33 +0000 Read More]]> tastyReview

Tasty is a powerful Delicious tool for your iPhone/ipod touch which will certainly make Bookmarks easier to organize!

– Save new bookmarks to and modify existing ones
– Extended bookmark details including screenshots, previews through webview and favicons
– Browse your recent bookmarks, popular delicious bookmarks and fresh bookmarks from all users
– Browse all your bookmarks organized by tags or bundles
– Watch your bookmark inbox and your subscriptions from everywhere
– Stay informed about bookmarks from your friends and co-workers
– Access your delicious fans from your mobile device
– Save bookmarks from within Safari (

Tasty offers a very clean and simple UI which integrates with Delicious very well. With this app you can view your existing, popular and fresh bookmarks. It also Integrates Subscriptions, Network features and search by tag.

With 77.6% of mobile Web Browser share Safari is the most popular and preferred web browser for phones and Tasty just makes it easy for us to bookmark all the great sites we come across.

Tasty let’s you browse and edit existing bookmarks in your Delicious account with ease. Once you select a bookmark you can view screenshot (also supports embedded browser), notes and tags associated with the Bookmark. Further you can also Open Bookmark in Safari or Tweet the link with either Tweetie, TwitterFon or Twitterrific.

It also enables you to keep a track of your subscriptions, Fans, Networks and inbox within the app.

Tasty is a must have for all Delicious users who love to organize and keep a track of their bookmarks.

Price $11.99

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]]> 0 Promo Codes: Notecard Defense Sat, 28 Mar 2009 19:56:11 +0000 Read More]]> notecard-defenseApp Description

Notecard Defense is a frantically fast paced game that requires quick reflexes and steely determination. The only thing standing between the castle and a horrible, hand-drawn death is you.

Defend your castle against hoards of angry stick figures throughout 25 action packed levels, earn gold for each one you kill and use that gold to buy upgrades for your castle.

Upcoming Features in version 1.1:
– New upgrades (including shake triggered weapons)
– New animations
– New castles

Price $2.99

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]]> 0 App Review: SimplyTweet Sun, 22 Mar 2009 18:03:22 +0000 Read More]]> simplyReview

SimplyTweet very simple Twitter app which has 3 main functions, Friends (ie timeline), @Replies and Search which generally work well.


– View your timeline and replies
– Perform search
– Post tweets, RT
– Reply to tweets
– Follow and un-follow people
– Browse conversations – the reply chain of a message all in 1 screen
– Built-in web browser
– Instapaper Support

Each post has an option to view the entire conversation compiling the tweets between user and the chosen contact in one screen, which I think is a great way to view tweets and wish more iPhone/iPod touch clients did it this way. However at the time of writing the conversation is easily broken leaving the feature rather pointless.

Tweet lists are similar to iChat bubble yet no where near as good, looking a little on the tacky side but the layout is pretty decent with user avatars only used once on a long stream of tweets from a single user (Touch Reviews I’m looking at you 😉 however it is not cached so you have to wait for the application to login on every launch and after using the built in browser which can be very tedious wait. There is also no option to load further tweets at the bottom of the list, you’re stuck with what the application serves you with and no option to increase the amount of tweets displayed either.

While the built in browser is a nice feature to have, it would be nice to have an option to use Safari instead to allow further actions on links you are interested in. Other issues I have with this application is landscape keyboard support, there is none, no accelerometer, no option to do it manually, your stuck in portrait. On another note I often find myself tapping the top of the window only to find it does not auto scroll to the top of the list often leaving you tapping for no good reason then having to scroll up manually.

To make matters worse (and I didn’t think it could get worse) this application costs more than Tweetie (my present Twitter client of choice at $2.99) while doing a whole lot less and simply put I cannot recommend SimplyTweet to anyone in it’s present state regardless of their level of knowledge of Twitter at this price.

Feature Request

Add all the power features you can possibly muster andto let the beginner start of with simple features and turn them on one by one as they become more experienced.

Price $3.99

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Reviewed by TylerDurdan

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