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Apple’s Safari browser for iPad hasn’t seen any major changes in UI since iOS 3.x. The browser is very fast, intuitive but lacks in some key features. One of the major drawbacks of Safari is that it does not support tabbed browsing. The App Store offers some great alternatives to safari and now Terra for iPad 2 is here to offer superior browsing experience on Apple’s tablet.

Terra for iPad has been developed by Readdle, developers of popular document management app for iOS called ReaddleDocs. The app is rich in features and most importantly supports tabs!

Users who use iPad for browsing the web extensively will know that Apple’s current way of opening a new page is not very efficient when compared with a browser which supports tabs. So, that feature alone makes Terra a must have app and it is available for free on the App Store.

The app allows you to save webpages for offline viewing, enables you to download files and then open in supported native apps. Other noteworthy features include gestures to navigate to the next tab, forward and backward. You can also enable private browsing and password protect the app which are certainly very good privacy options. While testing the app we did find that when you click home button and then switch back to the app via multitasking tray the app shows the active tab for a split second before it shows the page asking for the passkey . This bug obviously affects reliability of the passkey option.

If you are looking for a new browser or just want to experience the web more efficiently then we highly recommend Terra for iPad.




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The developers of the best document manager app called ReaddleDocs for iPhone and iPad , today announced yet another update for the iPad version.

It is always great to see that the developers are committed to make the app even better by offering free updates for everyone who uses their app.

Some of the cool new features in version 1.6 are:

Readdle sent us a press release with more details:

Today Readdle announces the release of ReaddleDocs for iPad 1.6, a new version of its all-in-one document reader application. ReaddleDocs for iPad 1.6 introduces a brand new PDF reader with smooth horizontal scroll and complete support for highlight and notes annotations; ability to download and upload files from FTP/SFTP servers; VGA adapter output for projecting documents on the external screens.

“ReaddleDocs for iPad 1.6 is the biggest update since the product launch,” says Alex Tyagulsky, Readdle CMO. “It contains everything our users were asking for the last 3 months as well as adds several functions that would be welcomed by many people.”

Based on ReaddleDocs users’ feedbacks, PDF is the most popular document format among iPad owners. New ReaddleDocs’ PDF viewer spotlights fluid horizontal page flipping, opens documents of almost any size, lets users highlight text and make notes annotations. Annotations saved within the document, could be transferred to Apple Preview or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Already impressive list of ReaddleDocs network connectivity options now extended with FTP/SFTP support. It allows network administrators, developers and other IT people connect to any FTP or SFTP enabled web server, view their files and even edit them remotely. On the other hand, Mac users now can wirelessly browse documents on their computers and read them right from the iPad.

Another highly anticipated addition to ReaddleDocs for iPad 1.6 is VGA adapter output. Now business people and lecturers only need the iPad with ReaddleDocs and a small projector to carry out presentation, meeting or lection. VGA adapter output works with PDF, MS Office and iWork documents.

To learn more about ReaddleDocs for iPad 1.6 visit product page in the iTunes Store:

]]> 0 ReaddleDocs for iPad updated with PDF annotations Sat, 24 Jul 2010 18:46:14 +0000 Odessa, Ukraine – Today Readdle is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of ReaddleDocs for iPad 1.5.1, the latest version of its revolutionary application for managing files and reading documents on the iPad. New version of ReaddleDocs lets people highlight text inside PDF files in several colors, make notes at any place in the document and save these changes being compatible with the desktop PDF readers.

Thanks to the large screen and intuitive touch based controls the iPad is actively used to read books, magazines and documents in PDF format. Now with ReaddleDocs 1.5 people can interact with the PDF document leaving notes or highlighting important text passages in addition to simple reading.

Annotations made with ReaddleDocs 1.5 are saved within the document in accordance with PDF format specification. Thus ReaddleDocs can edit highlights and text notes created in Apple Preview or Adobe Acrobat Reader and vice versa. At the same time it lets people easily share their annotated files with friends and co-workers.

“PDF annotations were among the most requested features since day one of the iPad,” says Igor Zhadanov, Readdle CEO. “With this new update anyone from student to professional can move from simple reading to thoughtful work with documents.”

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 3.2 or later (iOS 4.0 Tested)
* 6.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
ReaddleDocs for iPad 1.5.1 is $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) to new customers and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category. It is a free upgrade for existing ReaddleDocs for iPad users.

ReaddleDocs for iPad 1.5.1
Purchase and Download
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Founded in 2007, Readdle aims to provide iPhone and iPod touch users with high quality applications that are missing in a standard application set. Company flagship offerings are Scanner Pro – application which transforms the iPhone into portable scanner; ReaddleDocs – revolutionary file manager, document reader and attachment viewer for iPhone and iPod touch; Take A Note – a versatile note taking application with direct access to notes from a PC or Mac computer over Wi-Fi. Copyright 2007-2010 Readdle. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, iPad and iTunes are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

]]> 0 ReaddleDocs iPhone Document Viewer is on Sale Thu, 14 May 2009 18:53:10 +0000 Odessa, Ukraine – Readdle has announced time limited sale for ReaddleDocs, their popular document and file management solution for the iPhone. The special ReaddleDocs price is set at US $4.99, a 50% discount from the regular price, and the sale will end on Sunday, May, 17th. At the same time, Readdle has submitted a new updated ReaddleDocs 1.5 to Apple’s App Store.

ReaddleDocs combines a network file server, web storage client, web browser, file manager and powerful document viewer within a single iPhone business application. It allows people to transfer documents to their devices over Wi-Fi and 3G in a number of ways, view them on the go, send by email and share with other iPhone users easily.

ReaddleDocs 1.5, that will hit the App Store soon, is capable to view iWork ’09 documents saved with preview and upload files to WebDAV enabled online file storage systems like MobileMe iDisk. ReaddleDocs 1.5 will be available at App Store as free upgrade for existing users.

“With the current App Store economy many people afraid to buy products that costs more than 5 dollars,” explains Alexander Tyagulsky, Readdle CMO. “The sale lets them get familar with the high end products like ReaddleDocs and take advantage of the iPhone as the most powerful document viewer available on the smartphone market.”

Pricing and Availability:
ReaddleDocs is available at special price of $4.99 (USD) exclusively at the App Store.

Founded in 2007, Readdle aims to provide iPhone and iPod Touch users with high quality applications that are missing in a standard application set. Flagship offerings are ReaddleDocs – a complete document and file management solution for the iPhone and iPod Touch; Take A Note – a versatile note taking application with direct access to notes from a PC or Mac computer using Wi-Fi. Copyright 2007-2009 Readdle All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

]]> 1 App Review: ReaddleDocs Thu, 30 Apr 2009 20:15:45 +0000 Read More]]> [rating: 5/5]

Perfect app for carrying your documents and files where ever you go!

– Copy Files Directly From any Mac or Windows Computer
– Read all common office documents
– Save attachements you have goy in the Email
– Email files stored in Readdledocs to your colleagues and partners
– Read books on the go
– Transfer files to your iPhone with or without Wi-Fi
– Save documents from the web
– Access MobileMe iDisk and other popular Web Storages
– Exchange files with other iPhone users

I am highly impressed with the quality of ReaddleDocs. The developers of ReaddleDocs have covered almost all possible ways of leaveraging iPhone’s capabilities to be used as a complete document and file management device. Since Apple opened the gates for iPhone’s enterprise capabilities, Business apps have flooded the app store. ReaddleDocs surely shines amongst all in providing a very satisfactory experience in document and file management.

ReaddleDocs UI is very intuitive. You can choose to view available Documents, go online using Wi-Fi or ReaddleDocs account, use in-line web browser to download documents from web, view recent documents and configure settings.

Viewing a particular document or file has an option to email it as an attachment, bookmark the spot where you stopped reading and fast scroll for documents with large number of pages. The app can also show pictures taken from the camera roll and in the photo albums.

Readdle offers you 512MB of free storage on their web storage service which can be used to upload your documents with an easy to use interface (multiple uploading possible) and then acceses through ReaddleDocs app on your iPhone/iPod touch anywhere. The app also supports WebDAV protocol to share data with computers via Wi-Fi. You can also configure MobileMe iDisk and Other Servers too.

The in-line web browser is a very useful feature as you can browse for documents and download (books) without leaving the app. After you configure your Readdle account you can use your uniqe email address to forward attachments and view using ReaddleDocs app.

ReaddleDocs supports following document formats for viewing:
– Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint (.doc/.docx, .xls/.xlsx, .ppt/.pptx)
– Apple iWorks: Pages, Numbers, Keynote (.pages, .keynote, .numbers)
– Portable document format (.pdf)
– Web pages (.html, .htm)
– Rich text documents (.rtf, rtfdnew)
– Text files (.txt)
– Fiction book (.fb2)
– Plucker e-books (.pdb)
– Images (.jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png. .tiff)
– NEWMedia formats (mp3, mp4, 3gp, mov, mpv)

The app also has an option to use safari bookmarklet, set a passkey to protect your documents and sort documents in different folders. Readdle also provides extensive documention detailing each and every feature with the app.

ReaddleDocs is a highly polished app which will ceratinly make your iPhone more powerful than it ever was!

official-app-store-badge_4Price $9.99

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