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The iPad was introduced by Apple as not only a consumption device but also a creation device and there are many apps that certainly provide that functionality. However none do it with quite the ease and impressive results that Echograph for iPad achieves.

Echograph is part photograph, part video and it gives you the ability to manually control which part of the image is still and which stays in motion by simply touching the screen with your finger.

Each new project starts with a video, you can capture this using the iPad camera or use one that is already on your camera roll, this means that while Echograph is not a universal app you can still use movies captured on your iPhone by transferring it to your iPad.

Echograph Review

After grabbing your video you are limited to using a maximum 4 second snippet and so your next task is to confirm which 4 second section you wish to use. Again this is very easy and is completed using 2 slider controls along the bottom of the screen.

Next up you need to select a still image from the video that will act as the canvas for your creation, again this is easily completed by using the slider control.

Finally you are ready to animate the areas of the picture you wish to have motion. This is down by simply rubbing your finger across the screen to bring that portion of the image to life. You can control the size of your brush by pinch the screen so that you can be as accurate or as broad as you like.

The image that you are working with will dictate how much brushing you’ll need to do but with the brush size control it’s never going to take too long. However having multiple brush shapes or the ability to draw and cut sections out of the image would provide greater accuracy.


The resulting image then has to be produced and you can do this either in high or low definition depending on the quality of the results you require. You can then share your results via Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, or submit it to Echograph, (registration is required).

You can view both your results, and those picked by the Echograph staff and some pretty impressive results can be seen here to enjoy and inspire.

At $3.99 it’s not the cheapest photography app in the App Store but with impressive results it’s certainly worth it if you enjoy getting creative with your photography and animation.

[rating: 4/5]

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]]> 0 Rick Sammon’s 24/7 Photo Buffet: An almost picture perfect application Thu, 11 Mar 2010 21:52:40 +0000 Read More]]> Rick Sammon’s 24/7 Photo Buffet [rating: 4/5]

Don’t get me wrong, I like to take a picture as much as the next person, as long as the next person is someone who is not too bothered about it! But after just a few moments looking through Rick Sammon’s 24/7 Photo Buffet I was already inspired to go out and try something a little more creative with my simple digital camera.

Before I go any further I need to make it clear that this is not an iPhone app that works in conjunction with your iPhone’s camera, and therefore this app works for both the iPhone and the iPod touch as it’s a training aid full of tips, tricks and advice from Rick Sammon who has over 30 years of experience as professional photographer.

Rick Sammon's 24/7 Photo Buffet_2The app has been put together very well and professionally and it’s something that a lot of other developers could learn from. The menu’s are clearly laid out and it’s easy to navigate and find everything that’s available too you. There are articles, movies and plenty of photographic examples of Rick’s work which also means that this app is beautiful to look at as well as learn from.

Rick Sammon’s 24/7 Photo Buffet is split into 5 main areas but one of the best things I liked about this app is the personal introduction by Rick himself via video. It not only provides an overview of the app but it also inspires you to delve further not only into the app but also photography itself.

The 5 areas can be accessed quickly by the 5 buttons across the bottom of the screen. The first option is ‘Seeing’ which covers 17 topics where Rick discusses how to visualize your picture before taking them. After many arguments with my father regarding whether or not pictures should be taken in portrait or landscape mode I very much enjoyed the article where that is discussed. While each article is concise there is a lot of good information and many inspiring pictures.

Rick Sammons 24-7 Photo Buffet_3The ‘Making’ section covers some of the technical aspects of photography while the ‘Editing’ section talks about how to edit your photo’s digitally. Both of these areas are beautifully laid out offering many ideas, tips and recommendations all with samples including before after shots.

The ‘Tips’ section has multiple bite-sized tit-bits of advice and perfect for when you want tips on a specific type of picture. This area also includes a Homework section which encourages the user to take specific photos. The ‘Help’ section provides a search function and direct access to the dozen video’s that are included in the application.

There is a lot of information packed into this small app and because it’s on your iPhone/iPod Touch it’s always on hand. Because of the simple navigation menu as well it’s something that you can easily jump in and out of.

If you’re about to start taking up photography or just want to add a little p-zazz to your existing photo’s then Rick Sammon’s 24/7 Photo Buffet will be a great place to start. If the more content that is promised in future updates comes to fruition then it will make this app even more value for money than it already is.

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Price: $4.99 (iTunes Store Preview)
Updated Feb 08, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.1
Size: 135 MB
Languages: English
Seller: David Wilson
© 2010 Rick Sammon and Dave Wilson
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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