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Heavy Mach 2 [rating: 4/5]

Mecha is perhaps one of my favorite types of Anime. Whether it be the classic Robotech, the great North American Battletech, or newer variations like Gundam; I’ve always enjoyed Mecha stories and playing Mecha games. So it was with great enthusiasm and sense of anticipation that I looked forward to my review of Heavy Mach 2 from IndieApps. The Mecha space has been occupied by a lot of great games and I have the pleasure of saying that Heavy Mach 2 is one of them.

Heavy Mach 2 is actually a sequel to the earlier Heavy Mach. The original game was a side scrolling tank shooter that certainly shows the roots of this new iteration but is a clear departure from it. In Heavy Mach 2 you control a giant combat robot in the Mecha tradition. You initially begin with a very limited, very lightly armed robot to carry out your missions. Over time you gain experience points and collect money during your missions. Money collected can be put towards upgrading the speed, protection, and armaments of your robot.

The interface and gaming experience of Heavy Mach 2 is top notch. During the course of the game your time is spent in essentially two spots; on base or in combat. During the base portion of the game you have the option of repairing your robot at the Maintenance Shop, upgrading your robot at the Equipment Shop, or accepting new missions at the Command Center. You begin the game on base and return to the base after the successful completion of each mission. Repairs and upgrades cost money which is collected on the battlefield by destroying units. At the beginning of each new campaign you also receive 500 credits with your new player. Be sure to spend your credits wisely during the repair and upgrade portions of the game. Both directly affect the outcome of combat.

During the combat phase of the game you view the action on a top down camera. Movement is as simple as tapping a spot on the map or swiping your finger along a route to set up a waypoint type of movement. When enemy units are encountered, tap on it to fire a round of weapons at it. Since most units are heavily armored enough to withstand a single onslaught you will have to tap a unit multiple times to destroy it. Once destroyed, a unit will reveal items to be collected. This may be credits to be spent back at base or items that will help you accomplish your mission. Some missions are even based on collecting a certain amount of items from destroyed units.

In case it isn’t already obvious, I really enjoyed Heavy Mach 2. Not only is it a great shooter in a genre that appeals to a lot of people, it also introduces a strategic aspect to the game. You don’t just have to go out and blast enemies mindlessly, you have to manage your robot. You need to be mindful of damage not only for your continued survival but also for how much it will cost to repair it. You need to be mindful of your weapons load not only for your immediate success but also as they become ineffective and require upgrading against more advanced units. I like this balanced approach to the game as it keeps me thinking strategically and keeps me interested.

Unfortunately this otherwise great game has one shortcoming. As I’ve said many times before, social gaming is one of the main strengths of  iPhone and integrated platform like OpenFeint makes it very easy to implement. Heavy Mach 2 doesn’t have any kind of social gaming, achievement, or global high score system. This would be a welcome upgrade to an already great game.

In conclusion, Heavy Mach 2 is definitely a game to add to your iPhone arsenal. Its combination of strategic and tactical gaming will keep you interested and coming back for more.

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Reviewed by: Erin Peterson

Heavy Mach 2 for iPhone

Price: $2.99 (iTunes Store) as of 20 Jan
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 44.6 MB
Seller: IndieApps

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