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During the launch event the watch was showcased to the conference attendees however, it was programmed to play a looping video. Over the last five months Apple has strategically partnered with premium media outlets to talk about the upcoming Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Vogue China liu wen

Apple Watch will be available in three collections, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. The company  over the past few months has focused on high fashion media outlets and events to promote its upcoming watch. In September,  Apple teamed up with Parisian fashion boutique Colette to showcase the watch at the retailer’s gallery at Rue Saint-Honor√© in Paris. Popular fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue, featured model Liu Wen wearing the Apple Watch for the cover page of Vogue China.

Aside from the I-want-to-be-Candice quality of our new March cover, notice anything else about the photo? The Apple Watch is getting a star moment, too, as Candice is the first woman to wear one on a magazine cover in the US. With the device starting at around $349 available next month, it’s on our wishlist.

Apple now wants to turn focus to fitness capabilities of its watch as Self Magazine features model Candice Swanepoel wearing the Apple Watch Sport on the cover page of the magazine. The magazine also covers details about the devices’ ability to track heart rate and use GPS & WiFi sensors to offer a whole range of fitness and health features.

Apple Watch released date is expected to be sometime in April. Are you excited about the new device from Apple? What do you think about Apple’s marketing strategies for the watch? Let us know in the comments below.

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One of the things discussed when the iPad was launched was it’s impact on the print media. Would the iPad save it by enabling magazines and newspapers to utilize the new features to earn more revenue to stabilize the falling revenues of the print media or would it be the death nail in the print media’s coffin as millions of users changed their reading habits to the electronic form? The outcome to that debate has a long way to go but what the iPad is enabling is for new alternatives to the print media to grow and in this case it’s a new magazine app called Sideways.

Sideways is a lifestyle magazine with topics covered in it’s first issue including the World Cup, music, apps, food, technology and opinion. The app looks really nice and includes inbuilt music and video as well as the glossy pictures and clear text.

Sideways iPad MagazineSideways can be read in both landscape and portrait mode although the landscape view works best enabling a navigation bar on the left while the main content appears on the right. Navigating the app is easy too with the touch screen being utilized to scroll through the articles and that you have selected. Some of the screens do open up in ‘pop-up’ windows which you can then close down to return to the app.

Some of the nicest content in this first edition of the application were the music reviews which were video based and ran smooth and clear even at full screen.

With any magazine though, however good it looks, it will be based on it’s content and it’s writing and while some of the writing is engaging the articles are relatively short compared to the established magazines of the print world.

At $4 per issue I would hope to see an increase in the content per magazine especially as some content is not available with the launch of each issue but will become available days, if not weeks after the initial launch. It’s also worth noting that an internet connection is required for some of the content so those of you with WiFi only iPads will need to ensure that you have it connected to a WiFi hotspot to enjoy all of the content.

For its initial launch Sideways has produced a well rounded magazine app, if it can increase it’s content to offer even more value for money then they could have a winner on it’s hands.



Sideways – The Magazine, June 2010

Price: $3.99 (iTunes Store)
Category: Lifestyle
Released: Jun 09, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 2.7 MB
Language: English
Seller: Sideways Software LLC
© 2010 Sideways

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