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AstroStar for iPhone 4

[rating: 3.5/5]

Get ready for some intergalactic action in AstroStar for iPhone. The game combines use of a jetpack, laser gun and the gyroscope from your iPhone to navigate through four levels on different planets. You play as a character that is outfitted with a space suit in a low gravity atmosphere while trying to obtain stars and shoot the asteroids that damage you if you collide.

The game uses a very simple control system that consists of tapping an icon in either bottom corner of the screen or by tapping the asteroids to shoot them with your laser gun. The other aspect of the control system is the gyroscope. It controls the direction you go when you jump and use your jetpack which is very important because you lose life each time you hit an asteroid. The games have a life meter that is lowered by running into asteroids. You can regain health by grabbing hearts that pop up randomly throughout the game. The guide provided at the beginning of the game is very useful in giving you an idea of what everything is and what exactly it does. It is fairly simple to understand what you have to do after seeing this guide.

AstroStar for iPhone 4 Tips

AstroStar for iPhone 4 Tips

The gameplay is very simple yet addictive. From the beginning you have two weapons at your disposal, bombs and a laser gun. The bomb blows up all of the asteroids on the screen which you get points for. This comes in very handy when the screen starts getting crowded and it gets difficult to move around and avoid the asteroids. The laser gun is pretty cool as it allows you to shoot the asteroids instead of having to always rely on the gyroscope to avoid them. A word to the wise though, you will have to shoot the larger asteroids more than the smaller ones so be sure it explodes before you bump it and it takes your life away.

AstroStar for iPhone 4

AstroStar OpenFeint

This game is all about multitasking and making sure you take advantage of what is given to you. Throughout the game you will see different things that will aid in your journey. Fuel for your jetpack will randomly appear which becomes a necessity to stay alive. Bombs will also be floating around up for grabs to aid in the destruction. You can’t overstate the importance of fuel for your jetpack as gravity is one of your biggest enemies in this game.

The visual and audio aspects of AstroStar are impressive. The images look good but are not overdone. It’s got a sort of cartoony feel but it is very suitable for this type of game and actually meshes quite well. The audio is solid. Nothing overly impressive but certainly sufficient to go along with a fun game.

AstroStar for iPhone 4 level

AstroStar Level Cleared

Overall the game has addictive gameplay and plenty of variables that change the experience to keep you coming back for more. It also supports OpenFeint which is a social gaming network that allows for recording your high scores and comparing them with friends and people everywhere. The fast paced gameplay makes for an addictive game experience.



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Well there we have it. The much anticipated and speculated WWDC Keynote for 2010 has come and gone. And while it is hardly the truth to say that an Apple presentation is underwhelming, it certainly didn’t have the intrigue, surprise product announcements, or John Hodgman-based farewell rumored to happen. Today’s announcement was totally about the new iPhone 4 and iOS 4 and it certainly dominated the nearly two hour presentation.

So what do we finally know about the new iPhone? Officially it is simply known as the iPhone 4. It will run the previously announced iPhone OS 4.0 although from now on Apple’s mobile operating system will be known as iOS. While Jobs pointed out during the keynote the new iPhone brings over 100 new features to the table, he chose to highlight nine key features of the new device:

The iPhone 4 will come in a 16GB model for $199 and a 32GB model for $299 in white and black. The iPhone 3G will no longer be manufactured and the iPhone 3GS will now sell for $99. The new phone 4 will launch on June 24th to the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan with pre-orders starting on June 15th. Availability in additional countries will roll out in July and August. As we reported earlier today, all current iPhone 3GS owners will be offered the new iPhone by AT&T for the price of a new two year contract plus a small fee.

While the new iPhone 4 was clearly the star of the show today, there were some additional interesting points. iOS4 will be available as a free upgrade to all current iPhone 3G, 3GS, and second generation and later iPod Touch owners on June 21st. Not all features of the new operating system will be available on the 3G and iPod Touch, chief of which is multitasking. Apple also demoed three new apps for the iPhone environment: NetFlix, Farmville, and Guitar Hero. NetFlix and Farmville will be available later this year while Guitar Hero is available right now for $2.99.

So even though we didn’t get a streaming Apple TV or or new Mac Minis, I would call this a successful and satisfying WWDC keynote. The new iPhone 4 once again catapults Apple to the forefront of the smartphone world with a unique feature set and slick operating system.

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What do you think? Was this WWDC as interesting and exciting as those gone by? Are you already anticipating the new iPhone 4? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.

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