iPhone, iPad Games, Apps, Reviews, News Thu, 16 Jul 2015 12:57:54 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Apple’s “iPad Pro” touch panel to include silver nanowire material Mon, 11 May 2015 18:36:35 +0000 Read More]]> If you’ve been following the rumour mill closely, you’ll know what “iPad Pro” is all about. Many reports and leaks strongly suggest that Apple is working on a larger version of the iPad dubbed as the “iPad Pro” which will feature 12.9 inch display and ship with a stylus.

According to a new report, published by Korea IT News, Apple has requested for silver nanowire material from its display suppliers like Samsung Display and LG Display among others. The new material being investigated for use in the larger iPad is expected to enable Apple to make a thinner display for its upcoming iPad and increase touch sensitivity.

As the name suggests, the material is created from a mesh of silver wires which dramatically increases conductivity and eliminates the need for additional sensors to make multi-touch technology work.

iPad Pro isn’t expected to be announced this year. The report suggests that the company is aiming for 2016 release date. The device is also expected to include NFC chip to bring Apple Pay support to the tablet.

Apple’s next gen products always tend to be thinner than previous. If we compare the original iPad with the iPad Air 2 it will be clear that for the tablet category weight and thickness are very important aspects. We can certainly expect Apple to adopt new display technology even if it saves the slightest bit of weight or thickness.

iPad pro with stylus

It is will be interesting to see if the iPad Pro actually ships with a stylus as the company has never officially appreciated the development surrounding the stylus accessory. The most recent exception to this public acknowledgement of the stylus adding value to the iPad is the latest ad campaign which shows an app from the App Store being used with a stylus.

Are you excited about iPad Pro? Do you think it will ship with a stylus? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

]]> 0 Apple releases iPad Air 2 TV ad titled “Make music with iPad” Mon, 09 Feb 2015 08:01:32 +0000 Read More]]> Apple on February 8th released a new tv commercial for the iPad Air 2 titled “Make music with iPad”. The new tv ad highlights iPad apps for musicians to create music. It features Swedish singer Elliphant, Los Angeles-based producer Gaslamp Killer, and English DJ Riton.

The ad showcases the entire process that goes into creating music, from writing the lyrics, making beats, remixing to filming the performance entirely on an iPad Air 2. Elliphant’s song “All or Nothing” was remixed specifically for this advertisement and it is estimated that Apple spent somewhere around $2 million for this.

In this ad we can see the recording artist using Pages to write lyrics and then GarageBand and Apogee Mic to record bits and pieces of audio. Then Riton, the producer makes beats using iMPC Pro and NanoStudio. DJ The Gaslamp Killer used Serato Remote to remix the song live while roaming the stage. The performance was filmed by  Director So Me using a specialized lens and handheld mount with the Manual Camera app.

In order to showcase iPad’s capabilities Apple has once again chosen to show real tasks done entirely on an iPad. Instead of highlighting hardware features or camera specifications the company continues to showcase apps from the App Store to show what you can do with the device.

The ad was debuted ahead of 57th annual Grammy Awards telecast. It is also believed that Apple CEO Tim Cook and SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue were the focus of attention at a Grammy party held by record producer Clive Davis.

Apple acquired Beats Music for $3 billion, the biggest acquisition in the history of Apple. The company has been reportedly working on integrating Beats music with OS X and iOS.

Watch the new tv ad below and let us know what you think.

]]> 0 Is the future of Apple’s iPad looking gloomy as tablet sales decline ? Wed, 04 Feb 2015 13:07:45 +0000 Read More]]> Apple was the first company to sell mass-market personal computers in 1984, the company reinvented portable music players in 2001 with the iPod, smartphones in 2007 with the iPhone, and tablets in 2010 with the iPad. Until last year Apple disclosed revenue generated from all those product categories however, this year the company didn’t share iPod sales figures. It’s clear that iPod does not account for significant part of Apple’s profits.

What happened to the iPod product category? iPod sales were cannibalized first by the iPod touch and then iPhone slowly cannibalized sales of the iPod touch. Apple has never been afraid of cannibalising the sales of its existing products. Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs famously said, “If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will.”

Is iPad facing the same fate as of the iPod? Will the iPad soon not be a major source of revenue for Apple? To understand these aspects let’s get into the details.

From iPad Air to iPad Air 2 – Not a major product update

If we look at the current trend of iPad sales we see some interesting figures; in Q1 2014 Apple sold 26 million tablets compare that to Q1 2015 the company sold 21.4 million. In 2013 Apple launched the new iPad Air and in 2014 the company launched iPad Air 2. Apple sold more iPad Air’s than iPad Air 2 during their respective holiday quarters.

One of the most obvious reasons that explains the fall in sales figures for iPad Air 2 could be due to the new tablet not being a major update when compared to its predecessor. iPad Air was a radical redesign and added many enhancements however, the iPad Air 2 received a modest update with improvements being camera, barometer, new processor with motion co-processor, and Touch-ID. These updates were certainly not enough for users who already own an iPad Air to upgrade.

Was iPad just a fad? Before we jump onto any conclusions we need to delve further into the tablet category.

Different Upgrade Cycles

Unlike iPhones customers are not looking to upgrade their tablets every two-years. Our smartphones have to endure much more rigorous use each day compared to the tablets. So even if you still own an iPad that was introduced in 2012 it may still be working just fine. I have an iPad 2, Retina Display MacBook Pro and iPhone 5. Even though the second-gen iPad now lags in performance after iOS 8 update I still don’t see the need to upgrade. One possible reason could also be that after purchasing the latest MacBook Pro I have increasingly felt lesser need to work on my iPad.

Infographic: How Different Tablet Users Spend Their Time | Statista

Users’ tablet upgrade cycle will largely depend on what you use the tablet for. If it’s just for browsing, emails, and watching movies then you’re probably not going to upgrade every two years. If you’re into gaming and love to play games on your iPad then upgrading every two years makes sense as Apple upgrades the tablets with much more capable graphic chips and all AAA game titles are quickly updated to take advantage of new features.

Smartphones have also become an expression of showing off the latest gadget you bought as one obviously tends to use it more often no matter where you are. Tablets would probably never reach that level of attention. You don’t upgrade your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro every year just because a new model was made available.

If we look at iPhone’s upgrade cycle where the company introduces major improvements every two years and follows up with minor improvements the following year it still continues to outperform previous years sales figures. iPad category certainly won’t give the same results. There’s still a lot of scope for the tablet however, its adoption into new markets and industries is dependent on factors other than just faster processor and better camera.

More choice

iPad Air 2 by Ben Miller, on Flickr

Another reason attributing to the decline in sales could be the introduction of large screen iPhones. Users who would previously carry an iPad mini and an iPhone can now carry just an iPhone 6 Plus. Apple has been always accused of not offering much choice to its customers however, now its a different story.

There’s a 7.9 inch iPad mini, 9.7 inch iPad, 4 inch iPhone 5S, 4.7 inch iPhone 6, and 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus. So, even though iPad sales in particular may have been affected, it could potentially be getting converted into iPhone sales.

With the new range of choices now available to customers it may take a couple of years for the sales figures to stabilise and adjust as customers make their choice for their preferred device for various computing purposes.


iPhone had a three years lead on the iPad. When the iPad was first introduced it was not until the iPad 2 that we started seeing a large number of companies creating apps for their employees. iPad’s growth depends a lot on the ecosystem of apps other than games and productivity category. As web developers, companies, educational institutions develop more and more content optimised for the tablet we will witness continuous rise in tablet sales. Apple made a great move to tackle this issue by partnering with IBM to create enterprise ready apps.

So, should Apple be worried about the state of the iPad? No!  Apple should not be worried about lower iPad sales as it leads in market share and competitors aren’t making much progress in differentiating their products from the iPad. Microsoft is offering desktop computer experience on a tablet however, it doesn’t appear to be working favourably for the company. So, clearly if someone needs a tablet they are still looking at Apple.

Top Five Tablet Vendors Shipments Market Share and Growth Fourth Quarter 2014

The tablet market exploded after the introduction of the iPad. Apple’s competitors are waiting on Apple to take the next leap so that they can copy it.

As long as Apple continues to make improvements and make more capable tablets each year, this category is here to stay.

Photos Credit: Ben MillerLap Fung Chan

]]> 0 5 Interesting facts you need to know from Apple’s Q1 2015 earnings report Mon, 02 Feb 2015 11:35:58 +0000 Read More]]> Last week Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) reported the highest quarterly results in its entire history. AAPL posted record quarterly revenue of $74.6 billion and record quarterly net profit of $18 billion. These figures are certainly very impressive given the fact that every year analysts predict Apple’s doom.

Here are 5 interesting facts to note from Apple’s earnings call.

1. Apple beat every company in the world with the highest quarterly net profit.

Apple’s Q1 2015 net profit was more than any other company in the world. In the top 20 list of highest quarterly net profit Apple is the only consumer electronics company to be featured on the list, others are Oil & Gas companies. Apple is featured 5 times on the same list.

2. Apple made a net profit of $8.3 million every hour this quarter.

When you were happy that you got a good 7 hour sleep on a certain day, Apple earned about $58.1 million in the same amount of time. That’s not bad for a company whose entire product lineup could fit on top of your dinning table.

3. The billionth iOS device Apple sold was a Space Gray 64GB iPhone 6 Plus.

During its earnings call Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced that on November 22nd the company shipped their 1 billionth iOS device. Apple has saved the billionth iOS device at the Apple HQ in Cupertino.

4. Apple Pay makes up more than $2 out of $3 spent on purchase using contactless payment in the U.S.

Within three months after launch of Apple Pay, the service now supports about 750 banks and credit unions. According to Apple WholeFoods saw a 400% increase in mobile payment since the introduction of Apple Pay.

5. iPad sales slumped this quarter.

While all major product categories grew in revenue and units sold, Apple’s iPad sales figures were lower than expected. In Q1 2015 Apple sold 21.4 million devices compared to 26 in the year ago quarter. Apple introduced the all-new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini however, this did not help Apple is posting record sales for the tablet.

]]> 0 Third party case of rumoured “iPad Pro” again hints at larger iPad Mon, 02 Feb 2015 09:49:17 +0000 Read More]]> Apple is rumoured to be working on a new iPad, popularly being referred to as the “iPad Pro”. This new iPad is expected to be larger that the existing iPad Air 2, featuring a 12.2 inches screen. It is believed that the iPad Pro will not replace the iPad Air however, it will be an addition to the current line-up for tablets offered by Apple.

A larger iPad with a screen size of about 12.2 inches could potentially compete with the MacBook Air. While Apple has never shown any interest in developing a touch compatible version of OS X, it remains unclear if the iPad Pro will run iOS or a modified version of OS X. Apple has been known to be working on screen splitting on iOS and it’s possible that iPad Pro may introduce this feature if it runs iOS.

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple could also be working on a stylus for the iPad Pro which would probably be an optional accessory as opposed to being a required accessory to use the device.

The photo of the purported third-party case of the iPad Pro certainly appears to be significantly larger than the cases of iPad Air 2 and also shows four cut-outs for the rumoured stereo speakers.

Apple’s current line-up of tablets offer both 7.9 inch and 9.7 inch screen options. Making the iPad Pro just larger probably won’t be the only differentiating factor that Apple is looking at. For the “Pro” moniker the company could be looking at offering significant differences to the features of the existing line-up. At this time not much is known about the rumoured device. The new device could feature a more powerful A9 processor and more RAM.

Release date of iPad Pro is being speculated to be sometime this year. Apple is on schedule to release Apple Watch in April. So we can expect an Apple media event in September / October.

What do you think about the possibility of the iPad Pro. Will you buy one based on the features being rumoured? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

]]> 1 Apple to live stream new iPad media event Thu, 16 Oct 2014 17:03:15 +0000 Read More]]> Apple will be live streaming its iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 media event today at 10 AM PDT from the Town Hall auditorium at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. Just last month the company held its iPhone launch event and now its time for new tablets and possibly new retina iMacs.

The live streaming of the launch event will be available on Apple’s website and Apple TV. The live stream didn’t go so well during the iPhone event however, we hope that this time the company is well prepared to handle it.

Media invites were sent out by Apple last week which carried a tag line “It’s been way too long.” While it obviously doesn’t give much hint as to what the company will be unveiling, but it’s quite evident that the iPad lineup will be refreshed for the holiday season. Some are speculating that “been way too long” could be referring to iMacs finally getting Retina Display technology. Apple’s entire product lineup features the high resolution displays except the desktop computer.

We can expect an update on OS X Yosemite release date and it could be made available later this week. We can’t rule out that Apple TV could also be refreshed today. It’s been quite a long while since it has seen any major update.

iPad Air 2 could finally get TouchID making it easier for users to access secure information with the touch of their finger. NFC could also be included to facilitate ApplePay functionality.

A new processor, A8X will bring improved CPU and GPU performance and RAM could be bumped to 2 GB. It is unclear if the new processor will offer improved battery performance on the new iPad Air 2.

It may be hard to believe, but a lot of users do use tablets to take pictures and videos. The new iPad Air 2 is rumoured to feature 8-megapixel camera. We could also see Retina HD displays as iOS 8.1 code did reveal 3x graphics.

iPad mini 3 just like iPad 2 Air is rumoured to feature A8X processor, TouchID, and improved cameras.

What are your expectations from the event? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


]]> 0 iPad mini with Retina Display ‘Finally’ a Reality Wed, 23 Oct 2013 20:15:24 +0000 Read More]]> iPad mini retina display

This years special iPad event ‘finally’ put all rumours and speculations at rest as Apple announced second gen iPad mini with Retina Display.

Apple entered into a new product category with a smaller version of the full size tablet. The purpose of iPad mini was to make the device even more portable. It was aimed at those of us who want to hold the device for long hours to read books, browse the web and want something that fits in a small bag without adding any extra weight. In 2012 when all iOS devices were already supporting high resolution display Apple announced iPad mini with the same resolution as iPad 2 with 1024×768 pixels.

Since its introduction many started speculating that the next gen 7.9 inch tablet will certainly feature retina display. However, some reports and bloggers expressed concerns about battery and weight of the device. John Gruber of Daring Fireball also remained sceptical about iPad mini going retina in 2013 and said, “we demand magic — a retina iPad Mini with no decrease in battery life, but no increase in thickness, weight, or price. And they need to produce at least 20 million of them by Christmas. Something has to give.”

Apple has made iPad mini with retina display a reality this year with the same 10 hour long battery performance. The display features 2048×1536 resolution  which is the same as iPad Air at 326 pixels per inch. With the new retina screen the hardware saw an increase of 0.01 inches in thickness and 23 grams (0.06 pounds) in weight. The fact that the device continues to provide battery for a full days worth of use even with retina certainly makes it worth the negligible thickness and weight.

iPad mini with retina display also features the 64-bit A7 chip and M7 coprocessor introduced in the iPhone 5s. This boost the performance of the new tablet upto 4 times in CPU and upto 8 times in GPU performance.

The 5MP rear camera and 1.2MP FaceTime HD camera remain the same even in the new model. Apple has added support for even more LTE bands in this new device and also delivers twice the Wi-Fi performance than before.

If reading and browsing the web are the primary tasks that you use the iPad mini for, then upgrading to the latest model is certainly worth considering. High resolution screen makes the text crisp without any fuzziness and each pixel in the photos deliver fantastic detail.

Apple will continue to sell the original iPad mini with 16GB storage at $299 for the WiFi and $429 for WiFi + Cellular. iPad mini with retina display will be available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. The WiFi models start at $399 while cellular version starts at $529 and each model gets $100 expensive for more storage.

Will you be buying the new iPad mini this holiday season? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

]]> 1 iPad Air is Thinner, Lighter and More Powerful Wed, 23 Oct 2013 18:38:00 +0000 Read More]]> iPad Air

At a special October event Apple unveiled the new fifth-gen iPad which the company is calling, iPad Air. The new 9.7 inch tablet will be available on November 1.

iPad Air features an all-new design which has been inspired by iPad mini. The new tablet has thinner bezel and reduced thickness which makes it lighter and thinner. The 16GB WiFi model weights just 1 pound which is 20% lighter, 20% thinner and 24% less in volume when compared with the previous generation model.

While the retina display remains the same at 9.7 inch, the new iPad Air is smaller in height, width and depth. With a thickness of 0.29 inches it is as thick as the iPad mini. Apple has a known obsession to make its newer products thinner and refining the production process to the extreme.

The man behind this obsessive simplicity and manufacturing precision, Jonathan Ive, continues to evolve the existing product line up and make them look fantastic year after year.

iPad Air features the same diamond-cut chamfers and anodised aluminium body as the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and the iPad mini. It is not just an all-new design but it also features the latest 64-bit that Apple introduced in the iPhone 5s. iPad Air runs on A7 chip that makes its CPU and GPU performance twice as fast as its predecessor. It also includes M7 motion coprocessor which enables optimal battery performance. Even with a 64-bit iPad Air continues to provide 10 hour battery life.

Apple did not update the camera sensor in the fifth-gen iPad. It continues to feature 5MP rear camera and FaceTime HD Camera which is a 1.2MP sensor.

This year the company has added support for even more LTE bands as they prepare to launch the new device in China on the same day as the rest of the countries.

iPad Air is available in WiFi andWiFi+ cellular versions with storage capacities ranging from 16GB to 128GB.

There had been a few rumours about fingerprint Touch ID being part of the feature set however, it seems that we’ll have to wait for iPad Air 2 (?) for that.

Are you excited about the new thinner tablet from Apple? Will you be upgrading your tablet this holiday season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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