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Ubisoft is all set to launch Rabbids Big Bang for the iPhone and iPad on October 17th. It is a physics-based game where you get to control little mammals called Rabbids.

Rabbids belong to the race of bunnies that have evolved over a hundred years. The Earth is not enough for them so they are taking a journey to space to explore and make it their playground.

You get to pilot the Rabbids using jetpack boots and gravitational pull of the planets. The goal is to avoid accidents by flying around various obstacles.

The game will include 150 different missions including “crash-landing landing on planets, bouncing off of space cows and reaching specific speeds.” Ubisoft in a press release revealed that Rabbids Big Bang will include lots of customisation options such as upgrading jetpacks, dressing up Rabbids and much more.

Rabbids Big Bang for iPhone and iPad will be priced at $0.99. Ubisoft shared a few screenshots of the game with us. The 3D game environment reveals that you will collect bunny coins and you will have limited fuel to complete your journey around the planets.

Physics-based games have proved to be a popular genre on the App Store. Angry Birds has been one of the most successful series in this genre. In Angry Birds Space we saw the birds fighting the pigs in space.

We will have to wait for the launch of Rabbids on iPhone to see how exciting will the gameplay be and if it manages to get us addicted.

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Osmos [rating: 4.5/5]

As an iPhone 4 and iPad owner it always pleases me when a game is released that plays on both devices, it makes me feel like I’m getting something for nothing and when a game is as good as Osmos is it makes it all the more satisfying to know that I can play it where ever I am on which ever device I have at the time.

So what is Osmos? Osmos is a physics game where the aim is grow your mote to larger than all the others. Your mote is like a living organism that can absorb other motes by simply running into them.

You move your mote around by tapping the out edge of it that propels some of it’s energy out of it propelling it in the opposite direction. This enables a perfect balance between movement and minimizing the loss of your energy. As you move around the environment you will run into other motes absorbing them into yourself and growing larger and larger as you do.

Time is also under your control and you can either reduce or increase time/speed by dragging your finger left and right across the screen. The control of time is very accurate and be the difference between enveloping and being enveloped!

The game takes you steadily through a learning process which guides you through the controls and the 8 different levels that each offer a unique twist on the game. Some of the environments are circular while others are rectangular, some small, some large and while some levels will require you to simply become the largest organism in the environment some will task you with the same challenge while under attack from aggressive motes while others will have you spinning through a solar system with all the effects from the gravitational pull of the largest motes.

This variety that Osmos offers keeps things interesting whether you are playing through the Odyssey or Arcade modes.

With the unique gaming style that Osmos offers, you wouldn’t think that it needed anything else to make it the success that it deserves to be, however it’s not only the game play that makes Osmos stand out from the crowd.

Osmos for iPad 5

The graphics in Osmos are stunningly beautiful in their simplicity, the colors and shapes move and morph effortlessly and while zooming closely into the action gives you the detail zooming far, far out especially on the solar system style levels provides an image of enormity on both the iPad’s large display and the smaller displays of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The whole game is held together with a great soundtrack of ambient electric music from different artists. As if that wasn’t enough the game is OpenFeint enabled offering 13 different achievements to unlock and share with your friends.

The only thing missing is a two player mode where you could fight your opponent to be the first to grow the largest and absorb the other. Who know’s perhaps this will be available in a future update.

Osmos and Osmos for iPad is as close to gaming perfection it it’s genre that I’ve ever played. This may be because it’s in a genre all of it’s own but regardless of that it’s the best $5 you’ll ever spend in the App Store.



Osmos for iPad

Price: $4.99 (App Store)
Category: Games
Updated:Jul 10, 2010
Reviewed Version:1.6.1
1.6.1 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Size: 18.5 MB
Seller:Hemisphere Games Inc
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Requirements:Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.

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Gravity Sling Deluxe [rating: 4/5]

Back in the 80’s when I was younger than I am now I got a Spirograph for Christmas. For those of you that don’t know, a Spirograph was a toy that enabled you to draw mathematical, symmetrical drawings by rolling a pen or pencil across a piece of paper via a whole in different style cogs. What does this have to do with Gravity Sling Deluxe I hear you ask, well these mathematical spirals are also drawn in this game as you launch your spaceman back to dock with his spaceship. They look beautiful as they automatically generate but while this is one of the best parts of this game for me, it’s also the worst.

Anyway, on with the game!

Gravity Sling Deluxe is a puzzle inertia game where you’ll launch your spaceman into space with the intention of using the gravitational pull of various planets to spin you through space and eventually to your spaceship. The initial graphics are relatively simple, a small space ship and, in comparison, a giant of a spaceman and a few planets are sprinkled across the back drop of space and while there are nothing spectacular they are effective.

Gravity Sling Deluxe iPhone_1

For most of the early levels the planets are static and only vary by size and placement. Your challenge from here is to use the arrow emanating from your spaceman to control the direction and power of your trajectory to start the initial motion. Depending of the level sooner or later your spaceman will soon be sucked into the gravitational pull of the first planet you fly near. How much you are affected by the gravitational pull will depend on the size of the planet and how close to it you are but you will soon find yourself circulating the planet hoping to be slingshot to another planet or direct to your spaceship.

It’s during this time that the beautiful spirograph line drawings are made as your path is drawn behind you. On some of the levels a couple of rotations will soon see you landing at your target while on others you will be spinning around multiple planets over and over again as you make your way home.

It’s this aspect that for me is a double-edged sword. Sure the patterns look beautiful and rarely are two patterns the same, however once you have launched your spaceman all you can do is sit back and relax while you wait to see if your initial force and direction were accurate enough to get you back to your spaceship. For some levels you’ll find your self waiting for up to 30 seconds to see if you succeed and I often found myself doing something else only to come back a couple of minutes later to see if I was successful or whether I had plummeted head first into one of the planets or even been lost in outer space!

If you do crash, or disappear into outer space, restarting the level is very straight forward as the level is immediately re-drawn. To make things a little easier for you your previous arrow location is stored so you can easily make slight adjustments to make your route more successful than your previous attempt.

For 99 cents you get 109 levels of gravitational fun, which is a lot of levels for you money! These levels are split into groups including starting with 19 standard levels the first few of which include a brief tutorial, 30 Stationary, 30 Movers and 30 Challenge levels meaning that there is enough here to keep you puzzled and entertained for many hours.

To add even more value the game is linked to the OpenFeint meaning that your scores and achievements, of which there are 26 in total, are synchronized to the OpenFeint servers enabling you to track your high scores and achievements against other players and your friends. A nice addition that adds more value to what you already have for your 99 cents (iTunes Link). Not only that, Twitter and Facebook integration is also included.

Overall Gravity Sling Deluxe is a great way to spend a dollar, lots of content and tricky puzzles that will keep you coming back for more spiraling fun over and over again.

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: @CraigWillis

Gravity Sling Deluxe Gameplay Video

]]> 0 Amuse and Entertain Yourself With Captain Galactic For iPhone Thu, 05 Nov 2009 18:30:38 +0000 Read More]]> Captain Galactic [rating: 3.5/5]

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a spaceman or super hero before? Well now you have the opportunity to combine both those dreams into one as you take on the role of Captain Galactic in his quest to save the Universe.

Captain Galactic is a space based platformer where instead of running, jumping, collecting and defeating enemies along horizontal platforms you run around numerous planets using their gravitational pull, stick and launch yourself between them. All the usual platform tasks are here, collecting coins throughout the levels is a side task alongside the main task of rescuing people located through the levels and return them to your ship.

Captain Galactic iPhone Game

Captain Galactic iPhone Game

The controls are simple enough once you get used to them, the left hand slider controls the direction your character runs/flies around each planet, ether clockwise or anti-clockwise. While the button in the bottom right corner of the screen launches Captain Galactic out of orbit and from planet to planet.

The cartoon style graphics look good and while the levels look pretty similar they do all have their own distinct style. Cut scenes between each level tell the story of Captain Galactic’s attempt to save the universe and the story is told well enough.

Ultimately each level is the same, spin Captain Galactic around, pick up the coins, rescue the humans, kill the enemies and return to your spaceship and with bosses to defeat at the end of each set of levels this is everything a classic platformer needs to be.

Captain Galactic iPhone Game_1

Captain Galactic iPhone Game_1

Across 30 levels there’s enough to keep you going for quite a while although having said that there will be little replay value here although the numerous achievements adds a little more spice to events.

Captain Galactic is a single player game which will keep any platform game fan amused and entertained for 99c worth of time.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $.99

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

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