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Com2us have already produced some of the App Store’s big successes especially with Homerun Battle 3D (our review) and Sniper Vs Sniper Online which show how iPhone/iPod touch gaming should be done. So when they bring out a new game there is always going to be a buzz. Their latest title which is currently in closed beta testing is Heavy Gunner, a 3D inter-galactic shoot-em up.

As we’ve come to expect with Com2us games the graphics of the navigation menu’s and in game are gorgeous and navigating through the menu’s is a breeze with the slick military style screens.

The controls have been well implemented, controlling your movement and aim is done via the accelerometer which can be re-calibrated at anytime making it easy to play as you move around and change position without having to have the neck of a contortionist! During the game itself your two weapons are controlled via two large buttons in the bottom right and left hand corner of the screen. You’re aim can be controlled simply by using the accelerometer itself, however for increased accuracy you can also move your thumbs on the fire buttons to move your aim too.

The are two different game modes to choose from, the first is Campaign mode where your task is to make your way through 35 levels of intense action as you defend yourself and humanity against a seemingly never-ending supply of alien craft. Challenge mode meanwhile sets you different challenges where you can compare your best scores to other players via the online leader-boards.

As you complete each level you will be rewarded with points that you can use to not only upgrade your existing weapon which is a pretty affective gattling gun but also purchase new weapons including plasma guns, an EMP shockwave and a Avenger heavy machine gun. In total there are 8 guns to work you way through and upgrade while you can also upgrade your Integrated Combat Platform, which is your combat machine in which are are based.

As mentioned previously the game-play comes thick and fast, however while this is great it also leads to the games biggest problem, namely a slow-down in the frame rate when the action gets particularly fraught and unfortunately the action packed pace of the game is one of it’s selling points so for it to suffer slow-down is a major disappointment. However, with each beta release this has been greatly improved and if this continues before the full version is released the problem should be all but gone.

If you are a fan of shoot-em ups you are not going to be disappointed with Heavy Gunner, there is plenty of content, online leader boards, social networking integration and 3 levels of difficulty to keep you going for a longtime.

Previewed by: Craig Willis

Heavy Gunner Beta Build Screenshots

Heavy Gunner iPhone Game Heavy Gunner iPhone Game_2 Heavy Gunner iPhone Game_3 Heavy Gunner iPhone Game_b Heavy Gunner iPhone Game_c_b Heavy Gunner

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