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Facebook recently unveiled a new version of its News Feed, with an emphasis on larger photos, reduced clutter and a synchronized experience across devices. This means that the design of the news feed would appear the same whether the user was browsing through it on an smartphone, tablet, or a desktop. Apple’s iOS devices will receive the update first, which Facebook noted would be released in the “coming weeks”.

Normally, with major updates to Facebook’s timeline and news feed, the company slowly rolls out features by region. Android users will be getting the new News Feed soon after iOS users. The new news feed will now be separated into four different categories, listed below, and helps to streamline and organize the current mess of links, images, music, and status updates.

All Friends — a feed that shows everything friends are sharing
Photos — a feed with nothing but photos from friends and liked pages
Music — a feed with posts about the music a user listens to
Following — a feed with the latest news from the pages a user likes and the people they follow

Although many Facebook features are normally protested during their release, this appears to be a feature that is intended for a user experience rather than for Facebook’s ad purposes. Facebook is offering users the chance to sign up for a pre-release look at the updated News Feed. The sign up for the waiting list is available at

{Via AppleInsider}

]]> 1 Facebook App for iOS Updated With Access to Mobile Timeline Mon, 19 Dec 2011 22:37:37 +0000 Read More]]> Facebook have just updated their universal mobile app. There are a couple of significant features in the release including mobile support for the new Timeline feature and the ability to manage you lists and subscriptions.

Access to Mobile Timeline on iPhone (if you already have a timeline). iPad support coming soon.
Access to friend lists, subscribers and subscriptions
Faster, better performance
Photos are easier to view, upload and comment on

While most of the headlines will be for the Timeline feature which appears to be something you either love or hate, for me it’s the former, my most need feature is the ability to control the types of updates you recieve from your friends.

So if you have friends that play lots of Facebook games you can now restrict this posts from the mobile app, just perfect!

Do you approve of the latest updates to the mobile interface? Do you like Timeline? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Version 3.0 of facebook for iPhone was one of the highly anticipated update for the most popular social networking app in the App Store. It was considered a major update as the new version included more than 15 features (Events, Notes, Pages, ‘new’ News Feed etc.) and made the app more useful and stable however, Facebook did not include push notification in this update.

The latest version (3.1.1) of Facebook for iPhone adds Push Notification and Address Book Syncing capabilities. The app also allows you to choose the type of notification you want to receive by accessing the ‘General Settings’ of your iPhone/iPod touch. You can turn on/off notifications for Messages, Wall Posts, Friend Requests, Friend Confirmations, Photo Tags, Events and Comments.

Facebook for iPhone 3.1.1 Screenshots

Facebook 3-1-1 iPhone_1 Facebook 3-1-1 iPhone_2 Facebook 3-1-1 iPhone_3 Facebook 3-1-1 iPhone_4 ]]> 6