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[rating: 5/5]

BLOCKADO Desert Review: A puzzle-solving game in the tradition of the toy puzzle-square games, but with lots of digital twists.

Set in a desert archeological dig environment, this game asks you to move obstacles out of the way so that the treasure chests can reach the exits. Simple enough. Except the obstacles only move lengthwise. And other obstacles block them. Some obstacles are obvious, but some literally pop up and have to be solved before moving ahead. And the obstacles come in different varieties and each has its own characteristics such as spring or magnetic action.

BLOCKADO Desert for iPhone-5

It takes a bit to slide the objects around to make way for the treasure chests. If you get stuck, there is a help that you can access to see the solution. But of course, you will lose credit for solving that puzzle if you do. There are also some extra-hard puzzles with no solution help if you want to up the challenge a bit.

Each level consists of a treasure map that requires you to solve several puzzles along the way, each getting more difficult. When you’ve completed the map you unearth a fossil or other treasure before continuing on to the next challenge. There’s a bit of interesting information about these treasures that’s worth the pause to read.

BLOCKADO Desert for iPhone-7

The graphics are 3-D to allow you to see the obstacles and there’s enough color and contrast to help you identify the various parts of the game pieces. The music is majestic and the sound effects provide feedback as you move the pieces. Both support the desert theme and give the game an exotic feel.

BLOCKADO Desert for iPhone-9

There are scores of puzzles to be solved in BLOCKADO Desert. (There is also a free version, but it’s limited to 9 puzzles.) If you’re looking for something just a bit different there are Jungle, Mountain, and Deep Sea BLOCKADO games too. And if you’re looking for some additional puzzles, you can add levels by scanning QR codes from the developers website. New codes are added weekly. There’s even a BLOCKADO EDITOR available for download so you can build your own games and scan them in, which allows you to share them with others.

BLOCKADO Desert is an addictive game that will work your brain for a long time to come. The number and complexity of puzzles will keep you coming back for more.





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