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Tomato Boxes is a old DOS game ported to play on the iphone/ipod touch. The tomato’s objective is to position boxes on all the green dots.


-Original 55 Level Campaign

-Smooth & Funky animated backgrounds

-Over 13,000 downloadable levels

-Downloadable levels already installed

Tomato Boxes is a puzzle game where the Tomato has to move boxes around obstacles so they finish on all the green dots. By just pressing the touchscreen up, down, left, or right will move the tomato, and hitting the middle will bring up the menu. Here you can move back up to five spaces, in case of accidents, or just reset the map from here. Having the background colors is better than black but doesn’t effect the game in anyway.

Tomato Boxes is a old game but still holds fun for the puzzle game fan. Most of the levels are fun, challenging, and short. Yet some levels suffer from trial & error. With so many levels to pick from you’ll be killing time in that doctor’s office or just waiting in line.

Price $2.99

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The Not So Good

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