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Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S is widely rumored to feature a fingerprint sensor. New photos leaked by C Technology show packaging of the alleged iPhone 5S with the home button supporting a silver ring around it.

The photo of iPhone 5S box shows the front face of the new iPhone with iOS 7 home screen. The authenticity of the picture is hard to prove however, leaks and reports published in the past suggests that these may be real. We recently posted the news about  the photo of iPhone 5S home button flex cable appearing on the web. The cable had a new square  extension which points towards the inclusion of a new fingerprint sensor.

It’s interesting to note that during an episode of TWiT (This week in tech), Clayton Morris of Fox News shared that the new iPhone 5S home button will have a silver ring around it according to his sources. AppleInsider has published a detailed analysis of the possible use a silver ring around the home button of the next-gen iPhone.

According to the report, Apple could be using a smart sensor capable of inserting a low frequency RF signal as the finger touches the silver ring. The technology then recognises your fingerprint even as you touch the home button eliminating the need for any new swiping gestures. The whole experience could be seamless where the user would touch the home button and the iPhone will authenticate the user and unlock the phone.

Apple Inc. acquired Authentec for $356 million in 2012 which fuelled rumors about the possibility of the new fingerprint sensor. The company is known to acquire smaller companies for its talent for innovation in specific fields.

The inclusion of a silver ring around the home button as a mere design change would be against Apple’s design principles so it is certainly possible for the silver ring to be an integral part of the new hardware.

Apple will be unveiling the new iPhone 5S on September 10th as it hosts a media event to announce the release date.

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Apple has begun training its AppleCare support staff to tackle user questions regarding iOS 7. According to a 9to5Mac, the training is expected to be completed by the second week of September, in time for the release date of iOS 7.

iOS 7 is the biggest change to the iPhone OS since the introduction of the original iPhone. Every screen, button and color palette has been redesigned to give it a more clean and fresh look. Apple is anticipating customer “shock” when they see iPhone running iOS 7 and the support staff is being trained accordingly. The support employees are expected to explain potential customers that even though the operating system looks different the core functionality remains the same.

Training its support staff is extremely important for Apple since the changes in iOS 7 are quite drastic and could lead to a lot of questions. AppleCare support employees are reportedly going to focus on explaining customers the Find my iPhone Activation Lock feature, show how Photo Stream works, sharing files using AirDrop, new settings in Control Center, new Safari enhancements and more.

After ousting Scott Forstall, Apple CEO made Jony Ive the head of human interface design at Apple and iOS 7 will be the first mobile OS released under his leadership. iOS 7 is a complete departure from the design language used in previous versions of iOS. The new operating system has been given a more simplistic look without any heavy ornamentation.

Apple is rumored to release the GM version of iOS 7 on September 10th and also unveil the new iPhone 5S alongwith the cheap iPhone 5C.

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