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The developers of ReaddleDocs have shown great interest in improving the app by releasing free updates for existing customers. The lastest Version 2.0 has set new standards for any business app in the App Store. Readdle has paid close attention to develop a superior user interface and offers advance features which would be hard to match at $4.99 (iTunes Store)

The update brings significant improvements in the overall performance, adds new features and makes the UI look more impressive than ever.

Version 2.0 Main Features:


]]> 0 PDF Expert: All Your PDF Needs Now in Your Pocket Mon, 14 Sep 2009 07:01:18 +0000 Read More]]> PDF Expert [rating: 4.5/5]

More and more companies are sending out documents in PDF format these days and with the iPhone also being used as a professional device having a good PDF document reader for it makes complete sense.

When you initially launch PDF Expert you are presented with a User Guide for the app in PDF format, (what else!) and to get an idea of what this app will do for you not only can you read this guide but just opening it starts you off being able to use some of it’s functions.

The documents will display in both landscape and portrait mode. Landscape will allow you to read the document easier while in portrait mode you can view full pages, in full color, and access the menu items. And it’s these menu’s options that really bring this app to life.

PDF Expert iPhone

First up is the search option which works excellently, simply enter the word you wish to find in the search box at the top of the page and after it has finished searching, which took only a matter of seconds for a 100 page document, you can the move though each of the found words using the arrow keys.

Copying the text of any document is easy too. After selecting the copy option a block is highlighted on the page which you can resize and move by simply touching the screen. Once you’ve highlighted the text you want you simply tap the Copy button and that text will be available for you to copy into any other application. Other options include Bookmarking, very important especially while ready large documents, Go to page which does just what it say’s and an email option that allows you to forward your PDF doc to someone via email.

The display of the documents is clear and easy to read and zooming utilizes the standard touch screen controls making it very intuitive to navigate around. If you receive password protected documents then PDF Expert can handle those too. It’s not limited to PDF documents either as it can also view MS Offics, HTML and txt files too.

The best feature of this PDF application for me though was the ability to drag and drop files to my iPhone and have them directly appear within the PDF Expert document. This means all the files I download to my PC can easily be transfered to my iPhone quickly and easily over the wifi network by simply entering setting up the iPhone in your Network Places. And don’t worry if you’ve not done that before because the applications steps you though it and you will be up and away within a matter of seconds.


PDF Expert is a one stop shop for all your PDF needs so if you use your iPhone/iPod Touch for work and/or handle a lot of PDF documents this app is a must for you. If you’re quick you can get hold of it for just $3.99.

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Reviewed By: Craig Willis

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