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Post your video to youtube and e-mail the link to [email protected]. Winner chosen by Ethervision based on best jam and most creative use of the app. For best results plug iphone into an amp using 1/8″ to 1/4″ jack then record with vid camera for best results. Winner will be chosen exactly 40 days after the app is released on the iTunes store. No Gimmicks, just $500 for the best jam. Period.
Note: When you upload to youtube add the keywords: “bare drums iphone application”

App description

Bare Drums is the lowest latency drum pad on the iTunes store.

Latency is the time lag between when your finger contacts the screen to when sound begins to be emitted by the speakers. The other drum apps on the store are sitting around 100ms. This may not seem like much until you try to actually play a rhythm on them. This is the reason that you have never seen a really impressive drum solo performed live on an iPhone BEFORE NOW.

Bare Drums cuts the latency almost in half resulting in a sharp responsive instrument that you can actually play. Check out the video on YouTube to see what we mean.


Fully customizable in every way:

* Reconfigure layout any way you want. You can create big pads, small pads and every combo in between.

* Assign sounds to any drum pad.

* Adjust the volume of any pad.

* Change the color of each pad.

* Clamping. Clamp one pad to another to silence it when the other plays.

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $.99


Bare Drums Screenshots

iphone-bare-drums_4 iphone-bare-drums_1 iphone-bare-drums_2 iphone-bare-drums_3

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