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On Tuesday, Apple issued invitations for a media event on Tuesday, October 23rd, likely to introduce the rumored iPad Mini. The arrival of the invitation was first reported by The Loop, the invitation has numerous colors surrounding half of an Apple logo in the center, with a tagline that reads, “We’ve got a little more to show you.”

The design of the invitation is reflective of the one seen for the introduction of the original iPad, and the half Apple logo may likely reflect that the new device is smaller in design and screen size. Rumors last week suggested that Apple would be holding a media event on the 23rd and that invitations would be issued this week. At the event, which has also been rumored to be focused on iBooks, Apple is widely expected to introduce the new iPad Mini, a smaller, lighter version of a full sized iPad.

The iPad Mini is expected to carry a smaller 7 inch Retina Display or IGZO display technology, the new Lightning connector, as well as a variation of Apple’s A6 chip which is currently found in the iPhone 5. Initial reports also pointed to a tweaked full sized iPad with a Lightning connector and other improvements to make an appearance at the event, but a new report from Digitimes suggests that this may not happen until the first quarter of 2013.

Apple’s October 23rd event is going to be held at the California Theatre in San Jose, California and is scheduled to begin at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET.

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iCoverSkin Review

The are more cases on the market than you can shake a stick at but for some people adding bulk to their iPhone is not an option, yet they still want to add some individual creativity to their iPhone to make it unique or add protection.

For those people there are skins, thin, sticky covers that adhere securely and can be as creative as any mind can be.

One company that provides such things is iCoverSkin who not only provide skins for iPhones but also for iPads and MacBooks as well as other non-Apple products too.

Their latest range of skins are the brushed metal and carbon fiber range which give a great look and feel to your iOS Device when applied. They also come in a range of colors, blue, black, titanium, steal and even brushed gold if you want to go for some serious bling.

Applying them is easy too, just four easy steps, clean, peel, align and apply will have your new skin on in next to no time. I use a screen protector with my iPhone and while advises that you can apply the skin over the screen protector I chose not to and applied it directly to my iPhone 4S. An option to have a screen protector cut to fit or included with the skin would be a nice option.

The iCoverSkin’s use quality 3M products which provide great adhesion to your iPhone and yet if your placement is initially off a little you can easily re-align it with no problems and without spoiling the look. In fact this is exactly what I did and even after 3 attempts to align the skin correctly it still stuck securely and looks great.

What’s really nice about iCoverSkin is that you can purchase as little or as much of the skin as you need. You can buy just the back, back and front or the complete kit which will provide front, back and side skins.

As you would expect all relevant cut outs are provided including a cut out for the Apple logo on the back of you iPhone which is a nice touch and leaves everything accessible.

The skins change the texture of the iPhone and while it’s debatable as to whether or not it provides you with more grip it’s certainly a nice change to the naked feel of the ‘nude’ iPhone.

If you are looking for a stylish and easy way to customize your iPhone without the bulk of a case then head on over to now and pick yourself out a style and design that suits you.

Prices for the iPhone Carbon Fiber and Brushed Metal skins start at $29.95 and can be purchased from for immediate delivery.

[rating: 4/5]

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]]> 2 The Problem with iPhone 4 Cases Thu, 15 Jul 2010 16:46:22 +0000 Read More]]> Let me start by saying that, at last count, I own 48 iPhone 3G and 3GS cases. You name a manufacturer, I probably have one or more of the cases that they produce. I have cases from the ultra expensive Vaja cases to the cheap ten dollar rubber case that is sold at discount stores. I have the most protective case on earth (the OtterBox cases) to the flimsiest case (the PowerSupport Air Jacket.) My collection has cost a small fortune and has been the subject of many of my friends’ jokes. But it has served me well over the years.

But now, I have a problem. I have an iPhone 4 and I don’t want to put it in a case.

The problem is not that there aren’t any cases for it. There are actually plenty of cases available even though many of the Apple stores that I visited do not carry any (in my area, there are four Apple Stores within a 10 mile radius and only one of them carries 3rd party iPhone 4 cases.) The problem is bigger than that. I just can’t bring myself to putting the phone in a case. And it is all Apple’s fault.

Apple designed such a beautiful device with such gorgeous curves and lines that any case you put it in, causes it to look like the old iPhone. I want to see the metal antenna surrounding the phone. I want to see the glass back with the Apple logo. I want to see the simple lock and volume buttons. Why hide all of these design elements with rubber or plastic? Forget the fact that these cases help with the “death grip” issue. Forget the fact that a device made out of glass can break easily. I sit in an office all day long and the rest of the time, the phone is in my pocket.

To many people, the updated look was definitely a reason to upgrade. Aside from the hardware improvements, for most people the iPhone 4 is not a necessary upgrade (the feature that Apple touted as being revolutionary – FaceTime – at its current incarnation is not all that useful due to its limitations on hardware and connectivity requirements). But that look is gone the moment you put a case on it.

So does this mean that I don’t own any iPhone 4 cases? Come on, didn’t you read the first paragraph? I own, so far, five cases. It is because of these cases that I don’t want to put another one on. The most minimalist of the them all is Apple’s Bumper case but it is nothing more than a way of getting around the death grip issue. The most protective is Case-Mate’s Tough case which increases the thickness of the new iPhone to be the same as the old iPhone. Everything in between is just a cover. Nothing more. What do I have on right now? Nothing. Do I feel a little vulnerable? Yes.

So what am I to do? The most promising case that I have seen so far is the Vapor Case by ElementCase. It looks like it will be both protective and minimalist at the same time while keeping the phone’s curves and design features. But that case seems to be at least a couple of months away and at a cost of $79, it will have to be an amazing case to justify its cost. For now, if I have to have a case on, it will be the Bumper case. It solves two problems (death grip and scratching) while still maintaining the phone’s design elements.

What case do you use on your iPhone 4? Let us know how you protect your phone and whether or not it is important for you.
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Pictures of Moscone Center being prepared for WWDC 2010 live keynote event and the 5 day long developers conference have started appearing online.

AppleInsider recently published photos of San Francisco’s Moscone Center being prepared with banners for the upcoming conference.

Workers finished laminating the giant Apple logo on the convention center’s east wall of windows, and have hung the main banner for “WWDC10,” which focuses entirely on iPhone OS apps. It is identical to the “center of the app universe” image posted in Apple’s invitations

Apple is widely rumored to announce the new iPhone 4G / HD, introduce new cloud based services and provide an update about iPhone OS 4.0 during Steve Jobs live keynote event.

WWDC 2010

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