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We are always on a look out for high action 3D games for iPhone and after watching the trailer of Tehra Dark Warrior I can say that it certainly seems to be a promising game. Tehra Dark Warrior for iPhone is an upcoming game from StormBASIC Games developers of Ankagua 3D.

Tehra: Dark Warrior is an action 3D game, set in a fantasy world where you fight as Tehra, (a hybrid creature that’s part human, part devil) against Dragons, monstrous creatures, Orcs, undeads, and a horde of other beasts, before facing Targunt, the King of the Dragons.

The game will be available on 9th of February.

Checkout the trailer!

]]> 1 App Review: Ankagua3D Fri, 24 Apr 2009 13:16:39 +0000 Read More]]> Ankagua3D [rating: 3.5/5]

An Inca themed Sokoban game with 3D-esk graphics

Exercise Your Brain with the #1 Sokoban Style game!

Keep your mind agile, while having fun solving the 40 puzzles of Ankagua.
Help our friend to escape from the lost ruins, putting the green stone blocks over the marked positions, but be careful, because one false move can be fatal, and leave him trapped forever!

This is one pretty slick game with good graphics, which could be argued as more isometric than 3D. Gameplay generally is pretty solid and challenging however some of the later levels tend to pitter out into “move the blocks into something accessible then put them in the Goal” making the level one third challenge, 2 thirds chore but before you get to that stage you’ve gone through a lot of fun levels. While on the subject of gameplay this game does have a habit of being unstable, crashing, occasionally jerky framerate and for some reason you can walk through the moveable pieces after you stop pushing them around, while not sure if it’s a bug but it’s pretty handy sometimes. All that aside this is a challenging and fun puzzle game for you Vulcans logical people but could do with some tweaking, for example when the blocks are in place why not have the game character walk out the door as opposed to just raising his arms and letting out a cheer, he is after all trying to escape from an Inca ruin. Levels could always be made more interesting with things like falling floor blocks, cave in and other traps because all ruins have security devices to them

Moving on to controls, here you have two options, swipe and a slightly rotated D pad (to suit the isometric perspective). Now the problem with the D pad option is that it releases the character from moving in straight lines which doesn’t really suit the nature of this interface. It would be better locking the character to straight lines ala traditional Sokoban and having a third option with a virtual analogue stick in the form of two circles, as for swipe I find it too slow for my liking but again that’s in it’s nature as an interface.

official-app-store-badge_4Price $0.99 (sale price until 1.2)

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Touch Reviewer: TylerDurdan

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