‘Swing Copters’ Review: Frustratingly Impossible Game

swing copters

The App Store has given us many addicting games, but some games have tempted us to throw our iPhone in frustration to clear levels or achieve high scores.  My first experience with the “frustrating” genre in the App Store was with ‘The Impossible Game’ $0.99, repetitiveness has been the key aspect in such games and it works. If you’re a fan of “impossible” games then some games worth giving a try are Stupidness 2 [FREE], Geometry Dash Lite [FREE] and IMPOSSIBLE ROAD [$1.99].

The game responsible for giving a new meaning to the word “impossible” was Flappy Bird. The developer behind the hugely popular game ultimately removed the game from the App Store citing reasons of the game being too “addictive”. However, this time the developer is back with yet another frustratingly impossible game called Swing Copters.

If Flappy Bird wasn’t high enough on the scale of difficulty, with Swing Copters the developer is all set to achieve a new record. The concept of the game is similar to its predecessor. You control a bird wearing a “copter” hat by tapping on the screen to change its direction. As you attempt to climb vertically there are obstacles in place to kill the birds dream to fly in an instant. Each time you fail and retry the background of the game changes slightly, and that’s exactly what you get in this game.

Attempting to get high score and testing your patience before you are tempted to throw your iPhone seem to be the only two objectives of this game. There is not much variety in the gameplay.  The success of this game can be credited to its ruthless difficulty level which has become a point of reference in proving ones gaming prowess or just settling an argument in the favour of the one who has higher score!

I have to admit I’ve never been inclined towards such simple impossible games. However, Swing Copters successfully manages to ignite that feeling of giving it a ‘one more try’.

We have just one advise for the developer, if possible please have some mercy and at least let us reach 10 points, at the time of writing this review I had to settle with just 2 points.

What’s your high score in Swing Copters for iPhone and iPad? Have you discovered any tips or tricks to gain high score? Let us know what you think about the game in the comments below.

Our Rating: ★★★☆☆

Swing Copters

by Dong Nguyen

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Swing Copters


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