Standzfree Review – iPad Accessory You Need To Know About

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While the use of iPad continues to grow in the business market it’s still the personal home use of the device that dominates its growth.  Many households now all over the world use iPads to surf the internet, send emails, use social media and consume content of all types such as movies and books.

Much of these activities are carried out while watching tv, sitting on the couch relaxing and that’s certainly the case for me. The problem that arises for me and many other people however is that you keep having to put your iPad down to pick the remote, tea, beer etc… and the side of the couch is not a great place to rest it as inevitably it will end up on the floor.

Now though you have an option, Standzfree is an iPad stand which places your iPad at a perfect height for you to use while sitting either on the couch or at your desk, or with the optional extension standing up, leaving you hands free.

The Standzfree comes flat-packed for you build, do not fear though, the process is easy and the few parts will quickly assemble into your fully working stand with only a couple of hand tools to assists you.

The large angled base provides excellent stability allowing you to position the flexible shaft of the Standzfree in almost any position without it falling or becoming unstable. For maximum positioning options the the iPad frame that holds the iPad in place is attached using a ball socket joint which rotates and angles easily and can be fixed into position using a simple twist.

Whether you have the original iPad, the iPad 2 or the new iPad the Standzfree will accommodate them all thanks to the optional use of a couple of adhesive add-ons that make up the difference in thickness between the iPads. I have the new iPad and it fits snug and secure at all angels. It will even fit with the smart cover in use so you don’t have to add and remove it each time you want to use the stand.

Using the iPad in the Standzfree works well, the flexibility of the positioning means that it will work in multiple situations and is ideal for reading or watching shows. The one down-side of the Standzfree is that it’s not ideal for a great deal of typing on as the stand will make the iPad bounce slightly as you type, this is not a major problem though as the stand was never intended for extensive typing.

The Standzfree is one of those accessories that you didn’t know you needed until you have it, with that said I can’t recommend this highly enough and it’s now one of the few iPad accessories that I use on a daily basis. The Standzfree is available for 5 cents short of $100 and can be purchased from the Standzout directly.

What we like

  • Flexible positioning
  • Rotating head
  • Stable & Secure
  • Easy to build

What to know

  • Not built for typing