Omnifocus for iPad Review

Omnifocus iPad-3

Omnifocus for iPad Review: The End All Be All of Time Management Apps

Omnifocus is a great Task Management app for iPad that helps you get everything you have going on organized and put together in a manageable fashion. Omnifocus couldn’t have come along at a better time for me as my wife is due to have our first child soon and I have been running around trying to get everything at work and home in order. This app has made it a cinch to organize my tasks and develop a plan of attack.

Omnifocus for iPad has an amazingly sleek interface that is very intuitive yet in depth. It allows you to easily add tasks and projects in a quick method or in depth method. The quick method is great for just simply getting tasks down so that you don’t forget them. Omnifocus allows you to then come back later to add detail or add additional tasks with detail so you can develop a method of carrying out the tasks.

Projects and Contexts are two things that you will quickly become familiar with in Omnifocus. Projects are a way of organizing several smaller tasks beneath one main goal to make that goal easier to obtain. The contexts give you a way to associate the tasks with something, be it a task for home or for the office. There is also a “Map” option that helps you find out when you are near where a task needs to be carried out.

Perhaps my favorite options are the Forecast and Review options. Forecast takes all of the tasks that you have due and organizes them on a calendar and lets you know what you need to get done today. This helps me so I am not stuck looking at some looming task down the road. The review option allows you to review completed tasks and evaluate them which is often a part of the task management process that is overlooked that can be invaluable. This really helps me be more structured and organized and has been greatly beneficial to my productivity.

The true beauty of this app is that it can sync up with my iPhone app as well as an app for my Mac. Thus making me just as productive on those devices as when i have my iPad in front of me. You are given several syncing options: Sync with Omni Sync Server, Sync with MobileMe, Sync with OmniFocus for Mac via Wi-Fi and Custom Sync with WebDAV. You don’t have to sync as the app is great on the iPad on its own but i suggest giving the iPhone and Mac app a whirl if you like the iPad app as they are all amazing.

I have only found two cons in my dealing with Omnifocus. First the price is going to be an issue for some and I get that. It’s not cheap but I feel that the app performs up to its price tag so I would be glad to pay it. Second, is that there is no PC support. It works well with the Mac but for those of you that love iDevices but use a Windows machine due to cost constraints, you’ll have to use only the iPad flavor. However, I will say, the iPad version is like a full on computer version.

Overall, I have been very impressed with how much this app has helped me become more organized as I thought I was a pretty organized person to begin with. The downfall to many productivity apps is that you spend more time trying to make them do what you want them to do than you save from actually using it.

Rating: ★★★★½

What we like:

  • Highly Functional
  • Intuitive
  • Sync

What to know:

  • Cost
  • Have to purchase on each device
  • No Windows support


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