Don’t Miss these iPhone / iPad Apps During Easter Sale

Craig WillisPrice Drop2 Comments

Easter Sale iPhone iPad Apps

As another holiday is here, this time in the form of Easter, many of the major App Store developers are slashing prices on their apps for both the iPhone and the iPad.

It’s great to see that iOS owners get to save money multiple times each year and not just during the traditional sales time of Black Friday and after Christmas. Now is a great time to fire up the App Store on either your computer or mobile device and grab yourself some of the games that you’ve always felt were just a little too expenses.

Many, if not all, of EA’s games have seen price reductions for both the iPhone, and the iPad some of the all time classics such as Flight Control and Real Racing 2, so if you are one of the small percentage of iPhone or iPad users that haven’t brought either of them yet what are you waiting for.

Other titles that can be snapped up for a bargain include Smash Cops, NFL Flick Quaterback, Lost Winds, Where’s My Water, Lego Harry Potter and just in time for the start of the baseball season 9 Innings: Pro Baseball.

If you looking for some bargains and ways to pass the time if you’re one of the lucky ones with a long weekend then head on over to the App Store and let us know in the comments below what you picked up.