iPhone 5 / 4S To Be “One More Thing” During WWDC Keynote?

Steve Jobs WWDC Keynote One More Thing 2011

Steve Jobs WWDC Keynote One More Thing 2011

The rumor about a new iPhone 5 / 4S has spread across the web and has caused many to believe that it may just be Steve Jobs’ “One More Thing”. Apple earlier in the week announced that during the WWDC keynote event Jobs will offer an extensive look at Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 (next iteration of iOS) and iCloud (Apple’s upcoming cloud based service).

An event based entirely on software is a very unlikely move for Apple. The rumor mill believes that iPhone 5 / 4S could be unveiled at this years WWDC as a surprise. Fifth gen iPhone according to various reports we’ve published will feature a dual-core A5 chip, an 8 megapixel camera and support both GSM and CDMA networks on one global device.

Unlike previous years Apple has already shared details about the conference in their press release. Could this be a calculated move to suddenly unveil the next gen iPhone when everyone least expects it?

Apple might not introduce an all-new-design for its smartphone this year and A5 chip has already been introduced with iPad 2. So, the basic hardware changes Apple could be looking at might just be ready for the next gen iPhone.

Whether the iPhone 5 / 4S is revealed or not, Apple will definitely be putting on a big event for investors and customers alike, improving their services and exploring new environments with cloud based offerings.


Kaled AliiPhone 5 / 4S To Be “One More Thing” During WWDC Keynote?