iOS 5.1 Beta Code Points to Quad-Core A6 Chip for iPhone 5 and iPad 3

iOS beta code has often revealed details about Apple’s upcoming devices. According to a new report published by 9to5Mac iOS 5.1 beta code has evidence that points to a quad-core A6 chip which is rumored to debut with iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

The references to quad-core iPhone and iPad chips come by way of a hidden panel that describes cores that are supported by iOS device hardware. The updated core management software includes an option of “/cores/core.3,” and this represents a fourth available processing core…

Apple’s custom A4 chip had a single core and then with the introduction of iPad 2 and iPhone 4S Apple introduced a dual-core A5 chip. Various rumors and reports by analysts suggest that Apple will introduce quad-core A6 chip.

The fourth generation device’s code contains option for “cores/core.1″ suggesting dual-core chip while the reference found in iOS 5.1 beta additionally mentions “cores/core.3″ suggesting the fact that Apple’s software could support quad-core devices in near future.

It is widely believed that Apple will introduce iPad 3 in March and iPhone 5 in July. Both devices are rumored to feature the A6 chip but only the iPhone is expected to see a major redesign while the iPad 3 will only see modest changes in hardware.

{via MacRumors}


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