Infinity Blade: Arena Free Update Adds Multiplayer Coming This Thursday

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Infinity Blade Arena

Infinity Blade Arena

ChAIR Entertainment on Tuesday announced that their “award winning iOS game” Infinity Blade will receive a major content update. Infinity Blade: Arena will include all new game play modes and will also enable the highly anticipated multiplayer mode.

The update will be free and available this Thursday. New content includes the all new “Arena” where you can assume the role of Titan or Knight and challenge your friends to multiplayer matches online using Apple’s Game Center.

Infinity Blade Arena_Gnarl

In addition to multiplayer mode the game will also include “Survivor Mode” which will put all your skills to test as you fight against a legion of Titans. The developers will also include new holiday helms, more than two dozen new magic rings, swords, shields and helmets.

The upcoming update will enable users to share game character on their facebook profile and it will also include new achievements to unlock, additional leaderboards and a few surprises too!

Infinity Blade Arena_MP_Screen02

In our detailed review we gave Infinity Blade a 4 star rating and concluded by saying:

Infinity Blade is an extraordinary game with exceptional graphics which makes the unreal world look more real!

…if you are a hardcore RPG fan who expects exploration, interaction and control then you will be disappointed with the first version of this game as it will turn out to be too short and repetitive. We can’t wait to see how Epic Games and ChAIR Entertainment decide to expand this title as it has great potential.

It’s great to see that the developers are committed to expand the title and offer free content updates which introduces new variations in the gameplay and also offer more replay value by adding new achievements, social integration, and multiplayer mode.

If you haven’t tried Infinity Blade as yet, then we highly recommend that you give it a try.

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