iPhone, iPad Games, Apps, Reviews, News Wed, 04 Feb 2015 21:56:43 +0000 hourly 1 By: Sweaver383 Sun, 13 Jun 2010 10:22:00 +0000 It still astounds me that a supposed news reporter on a respected web site can not grasp the difference between “a” and “an”. It’s AN iPad, not A iPad. And also “Apple” is singular. As you state in this article “apple see iMovie as…”. It should be “apple sees iMovie as…”. This makes you sound uneducated and not fit to write for a respectable web site.

I apologize for being a grammar nazi, and most people will probably not care, but these statements make you sound completely uneducated. Not to mention the fact that you seem to like to use “whilst” in inappropriate situations to make you sound smart when in actuality it makes you sound like you found a word that you think sounds intelligent WHILST you just sound stupid. This is just an opinion though.