“iAds” coming to Apple iPhone or iPad near you soon

As we mentioned in previous weeks, when reporting on Admob’s market penetration figures, Apple is set to launch it’s own ad service very soon. This is off the back of their rather clever purchase of Quattro Wireless, while Google still waits to complete it’s purchase of AdMob.

From sources speaking to MediaPost it seems that these ads will first be available to publications which are using the iPad as their launch platform. Date for this first showing up is slated as the 7th April. It also seems likely that Apple will be offering developers an “iAd” service inside the iPhone SDK.

Advertising will leverage web standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, and as usual ignore Flash.

ars technica theorises that the location based advertising feature could cause yet another rift, and legal battle, between Apple and Google, who both boast patents based around this technology.

This averting will also offer location specific targeting of ads. But as I warned in previous articles, Apple will take a dim view of publishers who simply build big fat advertising apps; saying that it will reject apps that use CoreLocation data “primarily to enable mobile advertisers to deliver targeted ads based on a user’s location.”

Are you happy that we have yet another way to get adverts to your iPhone and iPad?

Assuming that it’s part of Apple’s own SDK, rather than a third party using your location data, do you feel more secure?

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